Who is Roberta Pelachin, wife of Giulio Giorello

Who is Roberta Pelachin, wife of Giulio Giorello

Philosopher and writer, she married the famous academic few days before her departure

Roberta Pelachin is the wife of the famous philosopher Giulio Giorello, who passed away at the age of 75 – recently completed – on June 15, 2020. The two had married a few days before the departure of the famous academic, twice graduated in Philosophy and Mathematics, and among the leading experts in epistemology.

As for the wife instead, we remember that she has a degree in Philosophy. The focus of her intellectual activity has been very varied over the years: over time, she has in fact dealt with biology, neuroscience, ethology, giving space also to mythology. His name is famous not only for his love story with Giulio Giorello, but also for his essayist activity.

Roberta Pelachin has in fact published several books dedicated to topics such as the history of science. In 2014, she also experimented with another genre thanks to the poetic silloge La Fiamma della (Co) science. Four years later, i.e. in 2018, she again put herself to the test with poetry, publishing the collection Immagini e Canti.

When it comes to the professional world of Giulio Giorello's wife (also known for his great passion for comics and superheroes), it is necessary to mention the rich YouTube channel, a web stage that sees her as a popular and sensitive popularizer on topics ranging from bioethics to epigenetics, up to the relationship between fairy tales and science.

As can be seen from her official Facebook profile, Roberta Pelachin was born in Milan, the city where she still lives today. Giorello's wife, as already mentioned, has a degree in Philosophy, a discipline she studied at the state university of the Lombard capital. We could go on really long to list the important stages of her long career as a philosopher and writer! Pelachin, whose books have prefaces often edited by her wife, was awarded the Lord Glenn Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014, for example.

Repeatedly speaker of conferences and teacher in laboratories, she shared her knowledge on different aspects, among which it is possible to mention the path that leads to the birth of a text of scientific popularization. We conclude by recalling that it is also present on Instagram – with a profile on which only a post has been published – and that with Giulio Giorello he had no children.

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