Who is Salma, the second daughter of Rania of Jordan

Who is Salma, the second daughter of Rania of Jordan

Salma is the third child of Rania of Jordan: beautiful, successful, but above all spoiled, she is the it-girl of the moment

The next princess to watch is undoubtedly her: Salma, the daughter of Rania of Jordan.

Smiling, beautiful, but above all brilliant in her studies, she has just turned 18 and is already a star on the web, despite not having her own social profile. All thanks to Rania and King Abdullah II of Jordan, who consider Salma their "cocca", very different from Iman, the second child with a more serious and less sunny character than the younger sister.

Salma has not yet opened her personal Instagram profile, but has made her debut on the web for her diploma. That day Rania of Jordan shared with her more than 4.8 million followers the shots that related to the graduation ceremony, showing all her pride for her daughter's achievements.

Salma, like all the sons of Rania and Abdullah, is very keen on his education and, after graduating, decided to enroll in the prestigious Georgetown University, finishing his studies in the United States, where Iman and Hussein also lived for several years. The latter has a special relationship with both sisters: if with Iman she shares a passion for sports (especially the horse-riding in which she is champion), Salma considers it an important point of reference.

It was not by chance that he was the one who helped her prepare the speech for the diploma ceremony, which moved her parents and the entire audience. Always smiling, very popular at school and beautiful like mother Rania, Salma has an it-girl future ahead of her. Many are convinced that, despite her young age, she will be the new queen of worldly salons, unlike her older sister, much more reserved and discreet.

Those who know the royal family of Jordan up close say that it is Salma who is Rania's "nock", able to overcome even the smallest of the family: Hashem. On the day of her graduation, the queen could not resist the temptation to publish on Instagram a thought dedicated to her daughter, in support of a photo that depicts her very small at school.

"It seems like yesterday you took the first steps, you said the first words – he wrote – that you did your first day of school. Now you have graduated, but for me you will always be my precious little Salma ”.

Salma and Rania of Jordan – Source: Getty Images

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