Who is Sarah Pace, Giovanna Botteri's daughter

Who is Sarah Pace, Giovanna Botteri's daughter

Sarah Ginevra Pace did not follow in the footsteps of her mother, the journalist Giovanna Botteri

Just like her mother, Sarah Ginevra Pace is a very reserved woman who cares about her privacy. She has always preferred to stay away from the spotlight, taking a decidedly different path from that of her parents. She is in fact the daughter of Giovanna Botteri, born from her relationship with an English journalist.

Sarah Pace grew up in Rome, breathing a decidedly particular atmosphere: mom and dad are in fact both dedicated to their profession, while dividing carefully between work and family so that their only daughter does not want for anything. His parents are Giovanna Botteri, one of the most famous Italian correspondents abroad, and Lanfranco Pace, a journalist of English origins who has been in Italy for many years.

Their relationship lasted several years, although it was always kept out of the limelight. Sarah, despite the example and the brilliant career of her parents, has decided to devote herself to a completely different profession. After her classical studies, she graduated in Economics and attended some prestigious international institutes to deepen her interests, obtaining a Masters in Business Administration from Fudan University in Shanghai. Today he lives in Rome, where he works as a manager for an important Italian company.

But in her past she traveled extensively: for a period she lived in New York, following her mother at the time when the latter was a foreign correspondent in the United States, then she was in Shanghai for study purposes. Back in Europe, she worked for a while in Paris before returning to the capital. She has made baggage of these incredible experiences, and Sarah now speaks two languages ​​correctly (Italian and English), as well as getting by with French, Spanish and Chinese.

From the very little information we have about her private life, we know that Sarah is very attached to her mom. In an interview that Botteri gave to Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the journalist revealed: "My daughter Sarah came with me to New York and to visit me in China in October, when I moved". Despite her confidentiality, the girl also surprised her mother by giving her a video message to Domenica In. For the occasion, Giovanna said: "I raised her alone, we also had difficult moments. But she is good and has turned out well, I'm proud because she is a beautiful person ".

Giovanna Botteri, who is the daughter Sarah Pace

Giovanna Botteri and her daughter Sarah

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