Who is Sergio, Miriam Leone’s brother

Who is Sergio, Miriam Leone's brother

On the occasion of her wedding, Miriam Leone chose to be accompanied to the altar by her brother Sergio

Sergio is the name of the beloved brother of Miriam Leone, who accompanied the actress to the altar on the day of her wedding with Paolo Carullo. As beautiful as his sister and very reserved, Sergio is smaller than Miriam with whom he has a wonderful bond.

Sergio, the brother of Miriam Leone

Both are children of Ignazio, a Latin professor, and Gabriella, twenty years younger. The Lion has repeatedly told the love story of the parents, born right at school. “I’m the daughter of a soap opera, it’s true – she confessed -. My dad taught, he fell in love with a student who was just of age, he married her and my brother Sergio and I were born ”.

She and Sergio lived a very beautiful childhood, with a mother who was not at all strict and always cheerful. “My parents were very different. When I was born my mother was 19, a little girl. It was only when I grew up that I realized that it is not normal to have a mother who plays dress up dolls, dances and sings all the time with you. She was carefree, not at all anxious ”.

The wedding of Miriam Leone and Paolo Carullo

After conquering the cinema with her talent, last September Miriam swore eternal love to Paolo Carullo, manager and musician of Apple Jack with whom she lived an intense and splendid love story, crowned with the wedding. The relationship with Paolo came after the painful farewell to the artist Davide Dileo, known as Boosta. A love story that suddenly came to an end and that made Miriam suffer a lot.

Sergio Leone’s role at the wedding

On that occasion, the Lion was able to count on the bond with his family. His brother Sergio Leone always remained in the shadows, by his side, until the most beautiful day, that of the wedding. The marriage between Paolo and Miriam took place in Scicli, in the province of Ragusa and in Sicily where they both lived their childhood. The Lion chose to be accompanied to the altar by her younger brother to underline their splendid bond. “My brother who accompanied me to the altar,” he wrote on Instagram, posting a very tender photo of the ceremony.

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