Who is Simonetta Columbu, Geneva in May God help us 6

Chi è Simonetta Columbu, Ginevra in Che Dio ci aiuti 6

The secrets of Simonetta Columbu, the actress who plays Ginevra in "May God help us 6"

Simonetta Columbu is one of the most beloved protagonists of May God help us 6 where she plays the role of Geneva. Born in 1993, she is originally from Cagliari and grew up surrounded by a passion for cinema. In fact, his father is Giuseppe Columbu, a famous Sardinian director, author of Su Re e Arcipelaghi. After completing her studies in classical high school, Simonetta decided to move to London where she followed some acting courses at the famous Callan School. She later moved to Rome to start her acting career.

"My passion was born as a child, at the age of 10 I decided to take this path – she revealed in Comingsoon -. I was not influenced by my father, or rather he influenced me but not voluntarily. It all happened in a very spontaneous and serene way. I got into the world of acting thanks to him, but he didn't help me. Today I am a young woman with many dreams to fulfill.

Her big break came in 2017 when she was chosen by Daniele Luchetti to play the role of Radiosa in the film I am storm in which she starred alongside Elio Germano and Marco Giallini. In the same year, Simonetta starred in Surbiles, a docufilm made by her father. In 2019 she was chosen to join the cast of Che god help us, in the role of Ginevra, a young novice.

Sporty and always smiling, Simonetta Columbu is very active on Instagram, but her love life remains top secret. The actress has revealed that she has created an excellent relationship with the other actors in Che god helps us 6, from Pierpaolo Spollon to Diana Del Bufalo, up to Elena Sofia Ricci. "In a relationship I give all my heart, I am sincere and I have never cheated: when relationships began to falter, I always left – he told Elle, speaking of his private life -. Now I am single: although one of my greatest wishes is to start a family, at the moment I have no one by my side because I have not met a man who is right for me […] I believe that being a mother and a wife can coexist with a career as a actress. After all, if a man really loves you, he respects you and lets you work. Personally, however, work does not come first ”.

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