Who is Sirio, Marco Carta's boyfriend

Who is Sirio, Marco Carta's boyfriend

Sirio is the name of Marco Carta's boyfriend with whom the singer lives in Milan and who flew with him to Mykonos after being accused of theft

Sirio is the name of Marco Carta's boyfriend, the person who, after being accused of theft and arrest, returned the smile to the singer.

After the scandal and gossip, the former Amici winner flew to Mykonos with his partner to relax a bit and try to forget the judicial misadventures of the last few days. As is now known, Carta was arrested on charges of having stolen six shirts from the Rinascente in Milan for a value of 1200 euros. The artist was later released and the judge did not confirm the arrest, while house arrest was requested against Fabiana Muscas, the friend who was with him.

In September Marco will have to appear in court, in the meantime he enjoys a little rest, away from gossip, together with his fiancé. The weekly Chi took care of the couple, who published some shots in which Carta embraces her boyfriend before giving him a tender kiss. The two seem very happy and smile together, between romantic walks and poolside parties.

The Sardinian singer has never shown the boyfriend's face, but has spoken about it several times during some interviews. The couple met in Milan thanks to some mutual friends and for Sirio's sake Marco moved from Rome to the Milanese capital. They have lived together for three years and among their projects there are also the wedding and a son, as Carta revealed to Caterina Balivo during an episode of Come from Me.

"Compared to me he is quite the opposite, perhaps precisely for this reason he struck me – he confessed some time ago -. He is very calm and balanced, instead I am sketchy and always a thousand. It's nice to have such a relaxed person next to you. "

The artist has always explained that her boyfriend is very reserved and that he will show himself in public only when he decides. Shortly after his coming out, which took place on Sunday Live with Barbara D’Urso, Marco had published on Instagram the photo of a kiss with his partner. The stylized image however prevented the boy from being identified. "Me and my love. #Heart #Love #OneLove #UNAFOTODIMEEDITE "had commented.

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