Who is Stefano Coletti, alleged boyfriend of Elisabetta Gregoraci

Who is Stefano Coletti, alleged boyfriend of Elisabetta Gregoraci

Stefano Coletti is the alleged boyfriend of Elisabetta Gregoraci, nominated as the showgirl's "GF Vip"

Stefano Coletti is the alleged boyfriend of Elisabetta Gregoraci, the man who allegedly stole the showgirl's heart after leaving Flavio Briatore. In the Casa del GF Vip, the model made it clear that she had met someone special outside the Cinecittà loft. The lucky one would be Stefano, a pilot residing in Montecarlo who had already been immortalized some time ago in the company of Gregoraci.

Born in 1989, Stefano is a professional driver and has collaborated with numerous car manufacturers such as Renault and Bmw. Originally from La Colle, a district of Monaco, he made his debut in the world of karting at a very young age, then choosing single-seaters. His nickname is Rio, the same one that appeared in some banners that were flown over the GF Vip house to send a message to Gregoraci. Stefano Coletti is not only a successful sportsman, but he is also very charming. Blond and blue-eyed, he looks like a model and would have managed to conquer Elizabeth with his charm, erasing the eleven years of difference that separate them. Very active on Instagram, he defines himself as a "race car driver and real estate agent". She has a great passion for travel and among her photos there are many Like by Elisabetta Gregoraci.

During the eleventh episode of the GF Vip, Elisabetta admitted that she met a boy named Stefano, but did not clarify the nature of their relationship. The revelations about Stefano, Gregoraci's alleged love, disappointed Pierpaolo Pretelli, who asked for a clarification with the showgirl. The former velino of Striscia la Notizia asked the model for a clarification on her love life and she explained: "There are eleven episodes that talk about us, I'm also happy about this because I like the relationship with you. But these things scare me, I've been with a man for 13 years and they always judged me because he was older and with money. Even today 'this stuff comes out and I'm sick of it. You don't know what I've been through. I am happy with my journey, but I want to make you understand that the last thing I want is to make a story inside Big Brother. Then if it happens it happens, but I don't want it to be so. I don't want to take the c ** or anyone, I'm not taking you for the c ** o ".

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