Who is Telemaco Dell’Aquila, Guenda Goria's alleged boyfriend

Guenda Goria

Telemaco Dell'Aquila would be the secret boyfriend of Guenda Goria, daughter of Maria Teresa Ruta and competitor of the "GF Vip"

Guenda Goria's boyfriend would be called Telemaco Dell’Aquila. Maria Teresa Ruta's daughter is in the Casa del GF Vip where she conquered everyone with her sensitivity and sincerity. The result of the presenter's love for Amedeo Goria, before participating in the reality show she had revealed that she was single. In reality, according to some rumors, the actress would have started a relationship outside the Cinecittà loft. We know very little about Telemaco Dell’Aquila, referred to as Guenda Goria's boyfriend. 48-year-old entrepreneur, he would work in Milan and have a marriage behind him.

In the Casa del GF Vip, Guenda had said she had difficulty finding love and said she was single. The actress had approached Massimiliano Morra, causing the reaction of Adua Del Vesco who had let herself go to some confidences with the other tenants. The young Goria has a long relationship with Stefano Rotondo, an entrepreneur twenty years older than her. Maria Teresa Ruta had talked about her daughter's love life in the first episodes of the reality show.

“The point of reference has always been me and Gian Amedeo missed his father's presence – he confessed to Elisabetta Gregoraci -. Even to Guenda, who in fact until now has always looked for only adult men, very adults, too adults […] I'm sorry that he cuts himself off a bit from the bullshit that is made in his youth. He started working at 13, as a pianist. That light-heartedness has been lost ”.

Guenda Goria had never hidden her problems with her parents and a past marked by their absence. "My parents were never there – he explained to the weekly Gente -, I have no memory of the family united and I did not experience their separation as a trauma. My brother Gianamadeo and I were raised by a nanny, the sweet Ornella. I love my parents, but I have always been my father and mother to them and not vice versa. Today my father is single and I hope he will find a partner while I directed my mother to the theater. It did me good: now it is I who control her ”.

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