Who is Tina La Loggia, the wife of Francesco Vecchi

Who is Tina La Loggia, the wife of Francesco Vecchi

Tina La Loggia is the wife of Francesco Vecchi, known thanks to "Mattino Cinque"

Tina La Loggia is the wife of Francesco Vecchi, conductor of Mattino Cinque together with Federica Panicucci. The journalist has recently become a father: Tina in fact gave birth to little Enrico, the couple's eldest son. Smiling and beautiful, Vecchi's life partner is a colleague of his.

In fact, Tina is a journalist and is the editor-in-chief of Mattino Cinque. Joining her to Francesco is her love for journalism and work on TV. The two met right behind the scenes of the Mediaset program and fell madly in love. An important bond that led them to the wedding and the choice to have a child.

“I immediately understood that she was the woman of my life – confessed Francesco Vecchi to TvMia -. Every moment I was away from her I thought about what to tell her and what to do so that she would notice me and in the end I succeeded ”. The couple got married by surprise and in great secret, so much so that the public only found out about the marriage when Vecchi appeared in Mattino Cinque with a wedding ring. The journalist revealed that he had made a romantic wedding proposal to his partner: "On the day of her name day, since Tina is the diminutive of Annunziata, I asked her to marry me by giving her the engagement ring. Before the start of this new season of Mattino Cinque in September I made myself a nice gift: I got married ".

After the wedding, Vecchi and Tina La Loggia became Enrico's parents. The announcement of the happy event arrived right in Mattino Cinque thanks to Federica Panicucci who wished her colleague the best wishes on Monday 19 April. "My son Enrico was born, my first baby – confided Vecchi, unable to hold back the emotion -. My legs shake thinking about it. When I heard him cry, I cried too ". The journalist then reserved a very sweet thought for his wife: “I thank my wife Toma who made it beautiful, or at least we like it very much. It is a mix of happiness and fear ”.

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