Who is Umberto D’Aponte and why he is in crisis with Guendalina Tavassi

L'ex gieffina Guendalina Tavassi

Umberto D'Aponte is the husband of Guendalina Tavassi. A love that began with love at first sight but which now seems to have come to an end

Umberto D’Aponte is Guendalina Tavassi's husband, or rather he is on paper. In recent days, the couple has returned to talk about themselves due to the statements of the former gieffina, who confirmed that she had left him but to continue living together, separated at home, for the sake of the children.

We don't know much about Umberto D’Aponte. The real star of the couple is undoubtedly Guendalina, with her past as a competitor of Big Brother 11, then a very popular influencer on Instagram and also a columnist in Barbara D’Urso's programs. The beginning of their love story is like a romance novel and Tavassi never missed an opportunity to tell it live on TV, as well as to her loyal followers.

The former gieffina should have taken a train to Naples, which was then canceled. Forced to get on the next one, she did not know that it was precisely in that carriage that he was waiting for her, the man with whom the spark would be struck. Guendalina and Umberto met in this way and it was love at first sight. From that meeting an intense and passionate love story began, which even pushed Umberto to change city, moving with Guendalina to Rome. Then the wedding in 2013 and the birth of two wonderful children, Chloe and Salvatore, whom they love more than anything else in the world.

And it is precisely for them that, by the same admission of Guendalina Tavassi, the couple continues to live together although it is in fact separated. At first, the former gieffina and influencer was not unbalanced on the causes of the break with the Neapolitan entrepreneur, for whom she continued to spend very sweet words. "Umberto is the father of my children, the most important person in our life, we love each other immeasurably and we live in harmony for the love of our children," he wrote in the stories of Instagram. Also adding an appeal to his followers: avoid speculating on this story, but above all making insinuations that do not correspond to the reality of the facts.

Today that appeal seems far away, although only a few days have passed. It was Gwendolyn who explained on social media that the marriage would end for some past episodes, in particular one "that I have not swallowed", as she herself specified. “I told you that there have been episodes for which peace is made for years. Then there is a fight. It comes to a point where you lose confidence, esteem and many other things ”, so in his stories. “He is just as perfect as a father, friend and accomplice. But otherwise, as far as I am concerned, we are not ".

Umberto D’Aponte has been alongside Guendalina Tavassi for many years, but now the relationship seems to have come to an end. The words of the beautiful ex gieffina leave no room for doubt, despite the two having faced many difficult moments together, including the hacking and revenge porn episode that turned the spotlight on Gwendolyn just a few months ago. Intimate videos stolen and ridiculed by everyone risked shattering everything, with so much concern for the children and the family to which Guendalina is very attached.

Umberto is still in love with Guendalina and is back on social media, after a long absence, just to reiterate his intention to win her back. The days when he shared photos and stories with his followers alongside his beautiful wife, ironic and pungent as he is in his character, seem long gone.

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