Who is Valentina, Flavio Insinna's sister


Valentina Insinna, Flavio's sister, played a fundamental role in his life, supporting him from the very beginning of his career

Flavio Insinna is one of the most appreciated conductors by the Italian public, yet he never let his private life be put in the spotlight, leaving his relationships and his family away from gossip and gossip.

The well-known presenter of L’Eredità – who will return in the autumn at the helm of the beloved program broadcast on Rai 1 – some time ago published a photo on his social profiles, a photo in the company of a special woman, his sister Valentina.

Always very jealous of his privacy, Flavio Insinna wanted to surprise his sister on her birthday by sharing a photo of them together, accompanying her with the nice message: “In the photo Valentina Insinna and her greatest admirer. Greetings Vale! ".

The photo shows the two cheerful carefree brothers. One detail has not escaped the most attentive: Valentina and Flavio have exactly the same smile. The conductor appears calm and peaceful, away from the limelight. An unprecedented image for the audience that follows him, which shows a relationship that Insinna has always wanted to protect from prying eyes, but which, obviously, is very important in his life.

A real rarity on Insinna's Instagram profile, who has never shared photos of her private life, except for a few sporadic shots of her beloved cats.

That his sister Valentina is a pillar of his life was revealed by the conductor himself in several interviews. While never revealing too many details, Insinna has always claimed that he is in love with his work and that his family has played a fundamental role in his life, to support and encourage him on the road to success.

From the various interviews released by the conductor, it would have been his sister Valentina who convinced Flavio Insinna, after the failure in the Carabinieri weapon, to get involved in a new adventure, which then led him to Gigi's acting academy Project where his acting career started.

In fact, Flavio has collected many successes: among his most popular interpretations we must certainly remember that of the captain of the Carabinieri, Flavio Anceschi, in the very popular television series Don Matteo. Subsequently, the actor took part in other Rai fiction and it was only in 2006 that he made his debut as a television host in the Affari tua program.

Flavio Insinna and his sister Valentina

Flavio Insinna and his sister Valentina. Source: Instagram

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