Who is Vincenzo Novari, Daniela Ferolla's partner

Chi è Vincenzo Novari, il compagno di Daniela Ferolla

Despite the age difference, Vincenzo Novari and Daniela Ferolla are experiencing a wonderful love story

Daniela Ferolla, former Miss Italy and now a beloved television personality, has long been romantically linked to Vincenzo Novari. There is an important age difference between the two, yet apparently this has never influenced their love story, which is proceeding very well.

Born in 1959, Vincenzo Novari was born and raised in Genoa and is 25 years older than Ferolla (who was born in 1984). After graduating in Economics, he dived into the world of entrepreneurship and soon became a successful manager, leading some very famous companies at an international level. He has also recently obtained an important position, having been appointed CEO of the Organizing Committee of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

A role, the latter, which made Daniela Ferolla very proud. The former Miss Italy and current host of Linea Verde, after hearing the news, indulged in a very sweet comment on Instagram: Congratulations, my love! I am sure that like everything you do you will put all the strength, passion and determination you have in it… You have always wanted to do the Olympics and now you even organize them. Life always holds something wonderful for wonderful people like you. Good luck for this new incredible challenge ”.

Vincenzo and Daniela have a solid and very long-lived relationship: they met in 2004, and for both of them it was love at first sight. At the time, La Ferolla was just 20 years old and was not only a beautiful model, but also a rising star of television. The age difference with her partner has never scared her, and the two have been living together in Milan for a long time now.

Guest at Today is another day, Daniela Ferolla told something more about her love life, revealing that in her future there could be a wedding with Vincenzo: “When is the wedding? Who knows, we'll see ”. Speaking to Serena Bortone he then confessed: "Currently I miss a child, sooner or later we hope he arrives with my partner, we have been together for several years". Novari, in reality, is already Giulio's father, born from a previous relationship.

Although La Ferolla feels ready to become a mother, for the moment she is satisfied with her relationship. In October 2020, to celebrate a special anniversary, she dedicated wonderful words to him on Instagram: "Happy anniversary my love! Time flies with you … you are a force of nature and even when it rains outside with you there is always the sun ".

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