Who presents the Sanremo Festival 2021: Amadeus and the co-hosts

Who presents the Sanremo Festival 2021: Amadeus and the co-hosts

The curtain is about to rise on the Sanremo 2021 Festival, who we will see on the Ariston stage

Sanremo 2021, the co-hosts of Amadeus

The curtain is about to rise on the 71st edition of the Sanremo Festival which will be staged by the Ariston from 2 to 6 March 2021 and which will be visible on Rai 1 every evening starting at 20.40 and on Rai Play for those who want to see it in streaming.

This edition of the singing festival will see 26 singers compete in the sample section and eight in that of the new proposals. Leading the appointment will be Amadeus accompanied by Fiorello and a large group of co – hosts.

Sanremo 2021: Amadeus

Amadeus will be presenter as well as artistic director of Sanremo 2021, after the success of the last edition. Born in 1962, the conductor has a long and successful career behind him. Already in the past edition he had been at the helm of the singing festival and had been flanked by Fiorello. Team that wins does not change, in fact this year we will find them together again.

Sanremo 2021: Fiorello

Fiorello too, therefore, will return to the Ariston stage: the pairing last year was very much liked by the public who rewarded it with record ratings: just think that the Sanremo 2020 was the most watched edition since that of 1999. Together with them on stage there will be a nice group of co – hosts.

Sanremo 2021: Matilda De Angelis

The young Italian actress Matilda De Angelis will apparently go up on the stage of the Ariston during the first evening, that of Tuesday 2 March. Born in 1995, she is experiencing a golden moment in her career, which began very early. He recently starred in the television series The Undoing in which he starred alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.

Sanremo 2021: Elodie

From singer in competition to co-host: Elodie will be in Sanremo 2021 in a different guise. The artistic director and conductor Amadeus announced his presence. Last year the singer, born in 1990, competed with the song Andromeda. Apparently the talented and beautiful performer will take the stage on the evening of Wednesday 3 March.

Sanremo 2021: Vittoria Ceretti

Vittoria Ceretti, 22, is the top model who will join the Amadeus conductor during one of the evenings of the Sanremo 2021 Festival. model could go on the stage of the Ariston on the evening of Thursday 4 March, or the third of the 2021 Festival.

Sanremo 2021: Barbara Palombelli

The journalist and TV presenter Barbara Palombelli will be at the Sanremo Festival on the evening of Friday 5 March, the fourth of the 71st edition of the singing festival. Born in 1953, over the years he has pursued a wonderful career. Among the latest broadcasts that see her at the helm, we can mention Forum and Stasera Italia.

Sanremo 2021: Beatrice Venezi

Beatrice Venezi could be on stage on the evening of Friday 5 March: conductor, born in 1990, an incredible talent and also known for having taken part in the role of judge in Amasanremo and Sanremo Giovani.

Sanremo 2021: Simona Ventura

A welcome return: Simona Ventura will be co-host of the Sanremo Festival on the evening of Saturday 6 March, the last of the 71st edition of the singing festival. While running a Sanremo (in 2004), the presenter announced her presence at the Ariston with a post on Instagram.

Sanremo 2021: Serena Rossi

On the evening of the final, the actress Serena Rossi, fresh from the success of the fiction Mina Settembre, could also be on the Sanremo stage. Born in 1985, besides being a very good actress she is also a singer and presenter.

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