Who really was Moana Pozzi

Moana Pozzi

Her irrepressible sensuality made her the forbidden dream of the Italians, but it was much more: in addition to the image of the pornstar there was a thinking woman. It's free

Her long blond hair fell like cascades of gold, framing her face and enhancing two eyes of a deep blue, so deep that it was lost. The rest could be called history: voluptuous, soft and provocative, Moana Pozzi, a porn star profession, has become the forbidden dream of millions of Italians. But was that really all there was to it? Remembering her, can we really enclose her within the role of hard star and sex symbol, which she proudly carried out?

Actually, no. Because Moana Pozzi was much more than her career as a porn star. She was a woman who juggled between everyday life and appearance, who carried on her complicated simplicity by affirming herself in the way that seemed most relevant to her essence. She was a woman who pursued her dreams, her ambitions.

Moana Pozzi, childhood and multifaceted genius

On April 27, 2021, he would have turned 60. Born in Genoa in 1961, Anna Moana Rosa was the daughter of two fervently Catholic parents. They had given her significant names: Anna, which means Divine Grace, Moana, which means Deep Sea, and Rosa, as the most beautiful of flowers. Moana learns to pray from her engineer father and housewife mother, she studies in an institute of Sisters Marie Pie and Scolopie.

Her childhood and early adolescence are quiet, but marked by a curiosity that would never have abandoned her. She studied at the Liceo Scientifico and became passionate about mathematics: she was fascinated by its complexity. At the same time, he learns to play: he studies classical guitar at the conservatory, but he also delights with the harpsichord. His ingenuity is multifaceted. Law. Devours to know. And the reality that surrounds her begins to hold tight to her.

So, she makes a choice that is normal for today's girls: she goes away. She leaves her family, settles in Rome and, thanks to her beauty, she starts modeling. It is noted. They entrust her with small parts in short films, then she leads an afternoon program for children. But it seems to her little, she seems to have little fun, to do less than she could.

Red lights, seduction and intellect

This is how she approaches the world of porn: as a challenge, to overcome her own limits. First under a pseudonym, then using his name. Just when she began to use it she was spotted by Riccardo Schicchi. Their meeting was intense, fulminating: Schicchi understood its erotic potential and took it to its highest levels.

Moana Pozzi

Moana wasn't just a pornstar: she was seduction. She was launched, indeed, catapulted into the red light cinema, acquiring a fame that she did not expect and that even reached the ears of her parents. Years later, he revealed that after the first fights, the two accepted his career. In an interview he said:

They are not happy, but it is normal. What could parents say but be sorry? Unfortunately in life, sometimes, choices are made that lead to the displeasure of others. I'm not sorry: I was talking about it with my mother. I'm sorry you're sorry, but going back I'd do it all again.

And that she would do it all again, Moana has reiterated several times over the course of her existence. Because in fact she was anything but an empty woman. She was intelligent, in step with the times, informed about everything that happened around her. For this reason, the small screen opened its doors to her, making her become a character of costume and helping to bring her closer to the mass audience.

Television and the world of entertainment

In 1987 Rai decided to entrust her with the management, together with Fabio Fazio, of Jeans 2, an afternoon program for children. It did not last "only" because the Federcasalinghe went on a rampage and forced her to retire. He took the story sporty, declaring to Samarkand:

They said they did not think it right for me to get paid from public television to pay for certain "characters". I know, I am transgressive as a person. I always have been. I expect it. I have chosen a path for which I am not being persecuted because I do not let myself be persecuted. That's okay.

Her unexpected calmness managed to make her captivate an increasingly large slice of the public, even the right-thinking one, who turned up their noses for her erotic outfits. She was strong and aware, Moana: a much stronger and more aware woman than she might seem. You could tell by how she reacted to whoever attacked her or who asked her sharp questions.Moana Pozzi

In 1994, during an episode of Tutti a casa conducted by Pippo Baudo, Moana was called to answer other women's questions about her and her life. One of the people called to speak asked her, with a hint of blame: "If you decide to have children, what do you think they will say, when they grow up, about your work?" She replied, with a smile, unperturbed:

Precisely for this reason I think I don't have any. Because here, involving an innocent and unaware person to force him to accept my choices I do not think is right.

A phrase welcomed by a roar of applause, which clashed with what was then an even (more) closed society, anchored to the concept of woman-mother. Her education, the always impeccable choice of words, made her a rare pearl compared to the world that had made her famous.

The parts of Moana given to the public

Moana began to tell about herself, to make herself known in addition to the image. He showed remarkable intellectual gifts and a remarkable culture. In an interview with Gigi Marzullo, he revealed:

I struggle with people's superficiality, with carelessness. Very few people do well what they should be able to do. Very few people are truly sincere. I am different, I realize that. I am a clear person, I say everything I think even at the cost of doing a lot of harm. I want nothing more than what is due me.

Qualities that led her, in 1991, to raise a fuss with her book, The philosophy of Moana. A book now unobtainable that collected her thoughts, points of view and even report cards to men with whom she had slept. Report cards that spared no one: singers, actors, politicians, comedians. She was overwhelmed by controversy but, once again, she cashed in with elegance.Moana Pozzi

The following year, Moana starts embarking on one last great feat: re-found the Party of Love, lending her face as Ilona Staller had done in the past. Her feat did not last relatively long, but it corresponds to the point where all the spotlights turned on her for the last time. After this parenthesis, Moana gradually disappears from the scene until, on September 15, 1994, her death will be announced.

Death and legends

Moana Pozzi dies at the Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon, where she had been hospitalized for five months for hepatocellular carcinoma. The unexpected and quick departure (she was only 33 years old) gave rise to urban legends that said that, in reality, her death had been entirely staged to allow her to get away from the scene and start over, with a new and different life.

But if you think about it, it couldn't be like that. Because if there is one thing that Moana Pozzi has taught us it is that you do not run away from who you are. On the contrary, we must always be proud of our point of arrival, whatever it is, if it makes us happy and complete. And Moana was like that: happy, complete. It's free.

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