Who they are and where to find the new wellness gurus

Of Veronica Grimaldi

According to the Treccani dictionary, a guru is the one who acts as a guide. Not just as a spiritual master, but that it also teaches how to live better, harmonizing the needs of the mind with the equally essential ones of the body. Well, the well-being gurus that we have searched for and found, in addition to being beacons in their respective sectors, have demonstrated in the field that they deserve the fame and charisma they enjoy. In fact, the excellent results of their treatments on physical and mental health bear witness to this.

We will meet the doctor Adrian Heinimedical director of Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, a longevity guru which implements targeted programs to prevent and slow down ageing. His secret for fighting the passage of time is called chronobiology and is based on the study of biological rhythms. The doctor Denisa Gardens instead she is a specialist in manual lymphatic drainage, a particular massage technique practiced at the Ermitage Medical Hotel in Abano Terme, on the first slopes of the Euganean Hills. Guru of healthy eating it’s the doctor Jacques Fricker, nutritionist at the Bichat hospital in Paris who has developed a diet capable of losing kilos without then running the risk, always lurking, of regaining them. In the end, spirit guru he is the master Acharya Yogi Kailasha, who at the Luce della Scienza school in Desenzano del Garda (Brescia) teaches how to achieve inner order through the discipline of Sadhana. Four people who can make our lives happier and more pleasant.

Dr. Adrian Heini, guru in aging prevention at Clinique La Praire

279394Dr. Adrian Heini (pictured right) is Medical Director of Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Swiss clinic, world leader in longevity, founded in 1931 by Professor Paul Niehans, a pioneer in the development of cell therapy. Longevity certainly means living long, but above all live better. To achieve this goal Clinique La Prairie has created the exclusive Longevity Method, a holistic protocol based on four pillars: medical, nutrition, wellbeing and movement. Following this philosophy Clinique La Prairie offers state-of-the-art wellness programs, which are centered on preventive medicine and combat aging and inflammation.

«To fully experience the best holistic approach to longevity, even at home, we have developed Holistic Health, a supplement collection composed of four health routines: Age-Defy, Balance, Energy and Purity», says Heini. «Each supplement», continues the expert, «combines strengthening of the immune system, stress management, anti-inflammatory action, cellular rejuvenation and longevity, in an exclusive complex of ingredients called Holistic Complex. Age-Defy, to name one, is our revitalizing longevity routine consisting of two bottles containing Immunity and Regeneressence supplements. The first, to be taken in the morning, has 11 antioxidants and active ingredients that support the natural defenses, including the powerful astaxanthin; while the second, to be integrated in the evening, is a powerful combination of 8 essential vitamins and antioxidant active ingredients with an innovative ingredient, the fixentinwhich contributes to cellular protection and stimulation.

The findings that emerged from the Clinique La Prairie study represent a turning point and a new orientation for a better life. “Aging is a combination of time, inherited genes, environment and lifestyle, all of which have a direct impact on our epigenetic landscape. Highly personalized medical and holistic programs will be the key innovation of the next decade, and in the future, experts are likely to be able to prevent diseases born of a genetic predisposition.” It is an ever-evolving field where new solutions are being explored, including brain mapping, exercises based on neurofeedback, nootropic supplements that improve brain cells and lifestyles that can promote neuroplasticity and speed of learning. Food science is set to grow with high-tech devices able to monitor the nutritional needs of the body, and nutraceuticals, which favor the physiological processes of the body, will be increasingly important. Diet and intestinal health are among the most influential factors on the immune system and ultra-personalised nutrition, which considers the individual’s genomes, is another of the most promising trends of tomorrow.

Dr. Denisa Giardini, specialist guru of manual lymphatic drainage at the Ermitage Medical Hotel

279395Manual Lymphatic Drainage Specialist and Medical Advisor at theErmitage Medical Hotel in Abano Termethe doctor Denisa Gardens (photo on the right) is a “disciple” of Emil Vodder, a Danish biologist and creator of the manual lymphatic drainage method in the 1930s, a particular massage technique. Today, Giardini is a guru in this area: the pressures on the body are very slow, rhythmic, of light intensity and they have the purpose of accelerating the lymphatic outflow from the stasis zones towards the drainage channelsin order to free the tissue interstitium from the liquids that have accumulated.

The effect is immediate well-being and the patient feels a sensation of lightness in the affected area. Furthermore, the appearance and color of the skin improve, even in the presence, for example, of trophic ulcers, wounds and an acceleration of the healing process can be noticed from the very first sessions. Manual lymphatic drainage finds its main field of application in the treatment of lymphedema, both primary and secondary, but also in vascular-venous, orthopedic, chronic otorhinolaryngological pathologies and some dermatological conditions.

The Ermitage Medical Hotel in Abano Terme is the first Italian medical hotel. Within everyone’s reach and with advantageous prices, this spa structure has agreements with the main European insurance companies and responds in an innovative way to the needs of prevention, recovery and rehabilitation. The applications and benefits are many: prevent and treat pain associated with joint agingcorrect the lifestyle responsible for the onset of cardiovascular diseases, reduce overweight by improving muscle strength and aerobic capacity, recover autonomy following trauma and surgery or in the presence of disabling neurological and lymphatic pathologies. Finally, a diagnostic and check-up service with ultrasound technology and laboratory analysis completes the therapeutic offer of this innovative spa facility.

Dr. Jacques Fricker, specialist nutrition guru at Lily of the Valley

279396Jacques Fricker (pictured right) is a French nutritionist who works at the Bichat hospital in Paris and is the author of numerous books on nutrition. He made himself known for his “two-speed” diet, which allows you to lose weight in a very short time without then regaining it. This has been erroneously called a “flash diet”, because in truth the system has quite a long time, at least if the intention is to maintain the achieved weight, without risking regaining the lost kilos. It is the philosophy that is applied at the Lily of the Valley Shape Club in Le Croix Valmer, in the Var, at the foot of the French Alps, where the nutritionist is a guru for hotel guests who wish to lose weight and get back in shape.

Fricker has developed a two-step program that has stood the test of time and trends. Known as the TGV method, it is based on a balanced, flexible diet and allows you to continue enjoying the pleasure of eating. In the first high-speed phase, the Fricker diet allows the introduction of foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and fruit, while bread, starchy foods and sugary foods are prohibited: it is therefore based on the intake of animal proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals , essential fatty acids. While the second, the one at moderate speed, reinserts the forbidden foods in the first, such as sources of carbohydrates. It should be followed for at least 8 weeksin order to stabilize the weight achieved (but in truth it is possible to adopt it for as long as you want, as it is balanced).

If you want to know more you can find in Jacques Fricker’s book Eat better to lose weight (Ed. Tecniche Nuove, €14.90) further details. Lily of the Valley offers its guests an elegant and welcoming environment, where you can pursue your weight loss goals with the support of a panel of experts. The spa includes two thousand square meters dedicated to wellness, slimming and sport.

Master Achariya Yogi Kailasha, guru and spiritual guide at the Light of Knowledge school

279397To understand who the master really is Acharya Yogi Kailasha (pictured right), one must enter into his teaching through the Sadhana. This term indicates the spiritual work that an individual constantly applies every day in his existence, so that difficulties become opportunities to arrive at Moksha, liberation.

Almost nothing is known about this spiritual master: he has been teaching at the Luce della Scienza school in Desenzano del Garda (Brescia) since 2004 and through his achievements and a profound Sadhana (the spiritual, physical and contemplative discipline), in continuous evolution and expansion , conveys the ancient traditions of yoga and Vedanta. Furthermore, through his vision of the world, of human nature and of the spiritual and divine plans, it instructs the researcher practitioner to find an inner orderdiverting it towards a personal and new perspective of life without neglecting the spiritual part, which is present in everyone and gives that coveted peace.

In the discipline of master Kailasha there are also teachings of ancient spiritual traditions, which integrate traditional yoga. These are real, concrete and concern, beyond theory, practical means and initiations. At the origin there is the only source that divides into a thousand streamsand it’s homework and…