Who wants to ask Dante Alighieri a question?

Who wants to ask Dante Alighieri a question?

Until June 10, students will be able to play with the avatar of the Supreme Poet. The initiative – by Protom – is called "School at stake"

Who are the sluggish? What is the appearance of God? How long does the trip to Hell take? There is time until June 10 to collect ideas and ask the Supreme Poet everything you ever wanted to know about the Divine Comedy. 700 years after his death, Protom, the first Italian KTI (Knowledge & Technology Intensive) company, gives voice to Dante, thanks to a unique mix of technologies ranging from machine learning, to natural language interpretation, to virtual reality.

This is how the Supreme Poet comes to life and prepares to respond to Italian students who have submitted their questions and curiosities thanks to the appropriate online form (the participation of students and professors of middle and high schools will be considered for the online contest) .

It is "School at stake", the initiative that celebrates the seventh centenary of the death of the Florentine poet and which aims to encourage innovation in schools, bringing them closer to cutting-edge technologies. Be careful, however, to allow the avatar to come to life it is also necessary to offer it adequately "Dante's" answers, in order to measure the real potential of learning by the machine.

The game, in fact, goes far beyond the literary level and invites children to make their own Dante's journey, to discover the potential of tools and technologies increasingly present in everyday life. Up for grabs, for the brightest participations, there is a magical t-shirt: it is CiakMe, the first customizable "augmented reality" t-shirt. By framing the logo printed on the shirt, using the special CiakMe app, it will be possible to view animation effects that appear superimposed on the image coming from the front or rear cameras of the smartphone or tablet. Logo and animations can be customized and all images obtained can be shared on social networks.

"With this initiative – explains Giuseppe Santoro, head of Protom's Innovation Lab -, playing with an important figure in the birth of a new language, opens up a great space to experiment with the use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in fields hitherto unexplored linked to humanistic culture; not only with an advanced digital language, but with the strength of the experiential element that has proved to be very effective in many learning areas ".

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