Who was Brunella Gubler, Renato Pozzetto's wife

Their love was born during adolescence and led to the birth of two children, Francesca and Giacomo

Renato Pozzetto is one of the symbols of Italian comedy. His talent and his unmistakable humor have given fame to films such as The Country Boy, My Wife is a Witch and Dad says Mass (we have mentioned only some of the many films that have seen him starring).

Director, screenwriter, singer (his first album dates back to 1969 and the last one to 2007), he has been tied all his life to one woman: Brunella Gubler. Their love, born in that period full of magic and restlessness which is adolescence: Renato Pozzetto and his wife met when they were 16 years old and their story lasted until 2009, the year in which Brunella suddenly came to miss on a December night while he was in the house in Milan where he lived with the actor.

Pozzetto has told several times of the years spent next to her and their love, which led to the birth of two children, Francesca and Giacomo. During an interview released a few years after Brunella's departure, she revealed that the woman suffered from depression and was eternally under treatment.

Another occasion that saw Renato Pozzetto talk about the woman of his life is an interview with Corriere della Sera published at the end of June 2020. At this juncture, the Milanese actor has revealed other details about his beloved wife, recalling, for example , that Brunella was not interested in the world of cinema and that she never followed him in Rome during filming.

The Milanese actor, who worked alongside great cinema women such as Ornella Muti, Sabrina Ferilli and Edwige Fenech and whose artistic figure is also known for the long-term partnership with Cochi Ponzoni, always on the occasion of the interview with the newspaper symbol of the her hometown added a very sweet detail about her Brunella, stating that she wanted to see her again in dreams, something that has never happened in recent years.

Pozzetto, who had married Brunella back in 1967 with a ceremony whose images were re-proposed in 2017 in the studio of Domenica Live, described the woman he loved and the mother of his children as a very witty person. In the period following the death of his wife, the actor, as he himself confessed, chose to ease the pain by surrounding himself with the affection of the five grandchildren.

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