Who was Gianni Statera, the husband of Alda D’Eusanio

Chi era Gianni Statera, il marito di Alda D’Eusanio

Gianni Statera was a great sociologist and the husband of Alda D'Eusanio who has never forgotten him

Famous professor of sociology, but above all husband of Alda D’Eusanio: Gianni Statera was the great love in the life of the presenter who has never forgotten him. The two were linked for many years until the scholar's death in 1999 due to lymphoma. A very serious mourning that put Adua to the test, so much so that she did not eat or drink because of the suffering she experienced.

Successful journalist and courageous woman, D’Eusanio recalled in Corriere della Sera the first meeting with Statera, which took place during the presentation of a book. "He was very good, but I was not fascinated – he said -. He was only seven years older than me, but he was already director of the Sociology department. He had written his first book at 12. He was a genius, but I thought that for someone who ate bread and culture it was the minimum. At the presentation of a book, he began to woo me, I allowed him the first kiss after six months. He won me over with his intelligence, which is what still happens ".

The love between Gianni Statera and Alda D’Eusanio was so strong that even after his death the presenter continued to keep the memory of her husband alive. "I continue to discuss with him and make peace with us – he explained -. He has a strong mind, we are two characters of total confrontation. He was completely absorbed in university, my rival: he always studied and read. I was making fun of him. He thought about the best systems and I said to him: sorry, you who know everything, what time is it? Sometimes, I would wake up and find him looking at me and laughing. It still does, in the morning. I still love him so much […] For me he is very much alive. A true love goes beyond the body, the oceans, the eternal. I suffer his death only on my birthday because his gift was to spend a whole day with me ”.

D’Eusanio never hid the deep suffering she felt for the death of her husband. A pain that he overcame thanks to his parrot Giorgio. "Gianni left in 15 days for a fulminant illness – he recalled -. At first, I didn't eat or drink, I had reached 34 kilos, I just wanted to die. Then, in a shop, I saw Giorgio, a parrot all feathers and bones who was grieving and no longer ate. I took him home, he likes pasta and, he and one me, we started eating again ".

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