Who was Maria Grazia Cutuli

Let's find out the story of Maria Grazia Cutuli, a courageous journalist killed in an attack in Afghanistan

It was November 19, 2001 when Maria Grazia Cutuli, journalist of the "Corriere della Sera", was killed in an ambush while she was in Kabul. The reporter was in Afghanistan to monitor military operations after the end of the Taliban regime. The situation was difficult and extremely dangerous, but Cutuli was determined to do her job. That terrible day with her were three other journalists: Julio Fuentes, correspondent of the "Mundo", Australian Harry Burton and Afghan Azizullah Haidari, who worked for "Reuters".

Born in 1962, Maria Grazia Cutuli was born in Catania and began her career as a journalist in 1986, working for "La Sicilia" and conducting the evening edition of the telecolor International regional news. After collaborating with various magazines in Milan, in 1999 she had been hired by the "Corriere della Sera" in the foreign section.

Long red hair, small physique and iron character: Maria Grazia Cutuli was a brave and determined woman. On the day of his death he was traveling the road from Jalalabad to Kabul. It was 5.30 in the morning and the car in which the journalist was traveling, together with her colleagues, was part of a convoy with several representatives of the press. Then something happened, the column of cars broke up and the Toyota Corolla with Maria Grazia on board was within reach of the attackers.

Sixty kilometers from the capital, eight armed men stopped two of the cars carrying journalists. The reports were dropped and killed by Kalashnikov shots. Everything happened in a few minutes and no organization claimed responsibility for the murder. After 16 years the men who killed the journalist in cold blood were finally punished in Italy too. Reza Khan, considered the leader of the gang, was killed in Afghanistan after a death sentence in 2007, while brothers Mamur and Zar Jan were sentenced to 16 and 18 years in prison in their country and 24 years in prison by the court of Rome.

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