Who you really are? Find out with your sign of the Mayan Zodiac and the animal spirit

Who you really are? Find out with your sign of the Mayan Zodiac and the animal spirit

Here are the 13 animals that make up the Calendar of the Mayan Zodiac

The Maya, one of the oldest peoples of Latin America, are known for their astrological skills.

In this regard, they had created a calendar that followed the lunar cycles: the year was 13 lunar periods, each consisting of 28 days. The particularity of this calendar consisted in the presence of a representative for each cycle, or an animal that was considered the custodian of that specific lunar cycle.

Here are the 13 signs of the Mayan Zodiac and their animal guardians:

  • bat. It represents those who believe and fight for their ideals, are enterprising, do not stop at the first obstacle and often act instinctively, without taking into account the possible consequences of their actions. For all those born between 26 July and 22 August;
  • Scorpio. Curious and determined, people born under this sign do not like to be the center of attention. They are romantic and have a great curiosity, all characteristic traits that make them strong. For those born between August 23 and September 19;
  • deer. Sensitive and with a boundless inner sensitivity, those born under the sign of this animal are however vulnerable to external attacks. They struggle to help others and the love they feel towards their partner is unparalleled. For those born between September 20 and October 17;
  • owl. An elegant and nocturnal animal, which shows its strong character. People born under this sign are wise and surround themselves with so many true friends. For those born between October 18 and November 14;
  • peacock. Graceful and fascinating, the peacock represents all those people who are proactive and have fun with ease. They have an extrovert character and love to be the center of attention. For those born between November 15th and December 12th;
  • lizard. Who is born under this sign adapts easily to the circumstances; they also have a strong sign of practicality, but they are also lazy and silent. For those born between December 13th and January 9th;
  • monkey. Creative, noisy, curious and very sociable: these are the main characteristics of the people born under this sign. For those born between January 10th and February 6th;
  • hawk. Majestic, refined and with a touch of elegance: those born under this sign have the goal of reaching the apex in the workplace. They are also very ambitious and rebellious. For those born between February 7 and March 6;
  • jaguar. Jaguar and agile, the jaguar is a sign that reflects loyalty and idealism. Those born under this sign achieve their goals and know how to be respected. For those born between 7 March and 3 April;
  • fox. People with this sign are simple and have a strong sense of justice. They also know how to be particularly empathic and love to surround themselves with stable and lasting affections. For those born between 4 April and 1 May;
  • cobra. Envious but very loyal, those born under this sign are also very sensitive and just like the cobra they are often on the defensive and attack if they feel threatened. They do not easily forget those who hurt them. For those born between 2 and 29 May;
  • squirrel. Deep down, they love gossip and you have to be careful about what they tell. They are magnetic and particularly expressive people, who have some difficulty in keeping secrets. For those born between May 30 and June 26;
  • turtle. They love tranquility and stability, but they are also very considerate. Those born under this sign have an acute sense of spirituality and make themselves loved by their loved ones. For those born between 27 June and 25 July.
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