Whole diet, you lose three pounds in a week

With the integral diet you lose up to 3 kg, eating bread, pizza and pasta without thoughts whenever you want

Pasta diet: how it works and the rules to follow

With the integral diet it is possible to lose up to three kilos in a week, getting back into shape in a short time and without sacrificing taste.

The integral allows us not only to take care of our health, but also to lose weight, eating what we like best. This diet in fact allows you to consume bread, pasta, rice and even pizza, losing weight without too many sacrifices. The secret to making these foods light is to combine them with vegetables, to get your fill of fiber, awaken the intestine and reactivate the metabolism.

In fact, whole grains contain fibers and bioactive substances (phytosterols and polyphenols), antioxidants and essential compounds that help protect the body from cardiovascular diseases and tumors. To get your fill of well-being and lose up to three kilos, always remember to drain the pasta al dente, in this way it will be easy to reduce the amount of starch taken and the glycemic index will not rise.

Bread, piazza and pasta should always be accompanied with seasonal vegetables rich in mineral salts and vitamins, perfect for combating water retention and eliminating excess fat. This diet is very effective, but it is not suitable for everyone, excessive consumption of whole foods can in fact have some side effects, especially for those suffering from iron deficiency, those who suffer from chronic constipation, colitis and diverticulosis. In any case, before starting this diet it is important to contact your doctor who will be able to provide useful information.

How does the integral diet work? The day begins with three wholemeal rusks with a drizzle of honey, accompanied by a plain yogurt and a seasonal fruit. At lunch, enjoy a plate of wholemeal spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil, while as a side dish, choose steamed vegetables. At dinner, opt for a legume soup with wholemeal bread croutons. As a snack it is recommended to consume dried fruit or Greek yogurt.

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