Why and how to reuse the cooking water of pasta

What are the reasons (and methods) why reusing pasta water is an excellent idea: useful for supporting the planet and for making informed choices

We want to ask an interesting question: how and why to reuse the pasta cooking water. We have always been used to drain pasta, and therefore to throw away the cooking water. But is it the best solution? For those who love to save and recycle, this substance can actually be useful in many circumstances. Let’s see how to exploit it in the best way and why we just can’t do without it.

Why reuse pasta water

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While we want to keep away from the classic clich├ęs, we are still Italians and a good part of us are used to eating pasta often. There are those who do not give it up once a day, there are those who may choose it as a free meal while on a diet. In any case, we cannot really ignore the advantages that the cooking water offers us: let’s not throw it away, because – and our grandmothers already taught us – it is rich in starch, and the latter is a substance that can be used in many ways. In addition to starch, we consider that this is how we support the planet and fight pollution!

The cooking water: tips for beauty and aesthetics

The cooking water of pasta and rice can become our most powerful ally for having fabulous hair. Yes, because pasta and rice contain starch, as well as mineral salts. And the starch is extremely emollient, suitable for softening the hair and making it even more beautiful. We can simply reuse the boiling water with olive oil and honey by making a compress on the hair for twenty minutes and then proceed with washing.

In addition to the hair, we can also possibly use it for a regenerating foot bath, with the addition of drops of essential oils. Finally, it becomes one of the best ingredients for a beauty face mask: once cooled, we can add oat water and a drop of essential oil. Thanks to the mix, we can get a much softer and more silky skin.

Useful in the preparation of bread and leavened products

Maybe we ate pasta for lunch and for the next day we would like to prepare a nice pizza, or maybe some bread. In this regard, let’s not forget to throw away the cooking water, because we can very well reuse it during the dough. The only detail to pay attention to is the salt: let’s dose it well, because it is already present in the cooking water of the pasta and the risk is to obtain an inedible dough.

Also reusable in gardening activities

Not everyone adds salt to the pasta water. And who does not, can very well reuse the cooking water to water the plants. Obviously, we must also pay attention to another aspect: the water must not be hot or lukewarm in any way.

How to use pasta cooking water in the kitchen

In the kitchen, nothing is ever thrown away, and our grandmothers have taught us this aspect. Their precious advice is still useful today: starch is one of the best secrets to make some foods softer and creamier. Consequently, it is ideal to add as a base to broth, but also to soups, or to cook vegetables. We hope our recycling tips will be useful to you.

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