Why can diets fail? Here's why they don't work

Why can diets fail? Here's why they don't work

Many diets allow you to lose weight quickly, but then recover it. The problem is the maintenance phase, which is why diets can fail.

The supermetabolism diet, what it is and how it works

It often happens that once you finish the diet you end up recovering the eliminated pounds, thus frustrating the result.

The reason is very simple: we tend to forget that a crucial phase of the diet is that of weight stabilization, once you lose weight. According to a recent study, this phase of a diet is the one with the highest failure rate. This is because after following a restrictive diet for weeks you have, at least for about a year after the end of the diet, more appetite and desire to eat.

The research was conducted at the Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology, and the results appeared in the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism. According to the scholars in that particular phase, it is difficult to feel the sense of satiety. The study involved 35 serious obese people, with a body mass index higher than 42.

After a year they had lost weight and therefore went from the slimming phase to that of maintaining the weight achieved. The researchers noted that in the first phase, that of weight loss, despite the appetite being felt due to food restrictions, the champion managed to keep hunger and the desire to eat under control. In the phase of weight stabilization, on the other hand, the volunteers felt a desire to eat very high and they found it more difficult to feel satisfied. The same thing happened one year after the start of the maintenance program, or two years after the start of weight loss. It is no wonder therefore if regaining weight and frustrating the results of the diet, of any type, is very easy: it takes much more willpower at the end of the weight loss to maintain the weight obtained.

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