Why does my son ignore other children when they come to our house to play?

Why does my son ignore other children when they come to our house to play?

Does our puppy not seem interested in other children when we organize some game meetings? It is probably still too small!

Social skills gradually mature during development. During early childhood (from birth to around 2 years), the attention of the child is mainly addressed to the adults who take care of him, primarily to the mother. In relationships with parents, siblings and relatives, the child begins to understand that he can trust others.

Towards the age of two he begins to interact with the other children but he will have to learn to socialize: it is the classic phase in which the little ones spend a good part of their time fighting over the toys!

It will be during the second childhood (from 3 to 6 years), that the desire to meet other people will become stronger and in particular the favorite activity will become the game with peers.

The need to be together will become even more evident during childhood (6 – 11 years) and can be satisfied with friendship with peers.

These relationships become fundamental sources of support and understanding, encourage the development of social skills, learning of moral rules and behavior. At the same time, social dialogue allows you to see a more realistic view of yourself and promote independence from parents. Socialization is therefore a long and delicate process that brings the child into play differently according to his age.

Faced with a child who is not interested in playing with another let us ask ourselves if he is perhaps too young. It is not absolutely necessary for children to socialize early: interest in the company of peers will come in due course.

Scientific consultant of Dr. Elisabetta Valtorta, Clinical psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist


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