Why does the fever come and what mechanisms are triggered in the body

Why does the fever come and what mechanisms are triggered in the body

This episode of “Daily Health Pills” explains why a fever occurs and what happens in our body

Fever is often a defensive phenomenon on the part of the body. Even if this rise in temperature bothers us, we have to think that when the fever comes, the organism works harder. On the other hand, fever should not be underestimated and must be kept under control.

The protection system of the organism

This is because man is a homeothermic animal, that is, he must always remain in more or less the same thermal conditions. A temperature that is too high can damage some parts of the body, such as the brain.

There are in fact some structures that have to regulate the body temperature. Inside the hypothalamus there is the control and coordination center of body temperature, i.e. there are neurons that form the cooling center responsible for the dispersion of heat when the body tends to be excessively hot.

Why the fever comes

One cause of fever is exposure to an infectious agent or infection. In these cases the body produces substances that raise the temperature, called pyrogenic agents. The level of thermal normality is raised by one or two degrees and we activate the defenses, as the chances of destroying the germs are increased.

When the body is warmer, the heart rate increases, the respiratory rate increases, the immune defenses are more active and we produce more antibodies. Energy production is modified, for example, fats and proteins are used instead of carbohydrates.

However, it is always necessary to measure the fever well and it must be remembered that dehydration is a danger that must be avoided.

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