Why is Erasmo Genzini famous of Che God help us 6

The face of the gloomy young man in "May God help us 6" is that of Erasmo Genzini: let's discover together who he is

The sixth season of the successful and famous fiction God Help Us has just begun and the gloomy face of the new cast member has already made itself known. We are talking about the actor Erasmo Genzini, who in the fiction plays the young Erasmo Ferri, abandoned by his mother when he was still a baby and who arrives at the convent of Assisi in search of the woman who gave him birth. From the very first scenes it is clear that Erasmus hides a strong bond with Sister Angela, to whom he tells his personal story, showing her that mysterious clue that had led him to the convent.

But what do we know about Erasmo Genzini? The young actor was born on February 18, 1991 in Gragnano, a town in the province of Naples. Of the Aquarius sign, as a child he was very shy and could not open up to others. Precisely for this reason the parents decided to enroll him in the acting school of Castellammare di Stabia at the young age of 8: after some time, it was Erasmo who admitted how this experience changed his life, allowing him to break that experience. patina of shyness and to embark on a successful career as an actor. His first appearance on the small screen takes place in 2013, when the young man participates in very famous and popular television series such as La Squadra and Un Posto al Sole. He also takes part in the fiction Undercover – The capture of Zagaria, playing the brave and passionate Nicola, a character in which Erasmus sees himself a lot, as he herself admitted. By participating in the second season of L’Isola di Pietro he gets a prominent role alongside Gianni Morandi and is recognized by the general public. A career that is all on the rise, up to the well-known fiction that God helps us 6, in which he works alongside famous actors such as Elena Sofia Ricci and Francesca Chillemi.

In addition to being a very good actor, Erasmo runs a shop and a beachwear line with his parents that is produced by his family. From his Instagram profile it seems that by now he lives in Rome and is very engaged: there are many shots that see him embraced by the model Federica Esposito, to whom he is linked by a very sweet love story.

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