Why is my baby screaming?

Why is my baby screaming?

In the first year of life, in the absence of verbal communication, the only way the child has to attract the attention of mom and dad is by screaming or crying.

In the first half of life, loneliness is a determining factor in many shouting manifestations in which other motivations are lacking. If the child feels far from mom or dad, scream until he is in close physical contact with them again.

In the second half of life, the cry can instead be associated with boredom.

In older children, however, a form of frustration that can make them scream is when they begin to see their limits in movement or verbal communication; limits that can therefore become sources of stress because they are experienced as a barrier to achieving one's ambitions.
Screaming requires the intervention of adults, so that they facilitate those tasks that they are unable to do.

Screams can be a cause of great distress for parents when they cannot isolate their specific cause. If causes such as pain, hunger, fear and others have been eliminated but the child continues to scream, often mom and dad end up in a state of tension that adds up to the child's unhappiness and everything gets worse.
The advice is therefore not to react aggressively, but instead try to remain calm, waiting for the child to stop screaming. It can certainly be useful to verbally motivate the behavior by saying: "when you stop screaming I will listen to you".


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