Wide hips? Here's what to wear and what not

Wide hips? Here's what to wear and what not

The expert recommends the right clothes to enhance this very feminine feature

Hi Rossella, my grief is the wide hips. I have a narrow waist and a proportionate bust, but how can I mask my sidewalls? Thanks, Annalisa

Dear Annalisa,
This is a typical problem of us Mediterranean women, but at the same time it is also a very feminine characteristic to be valued. Let's see how:
Choose trousers with simple lines, without too many details that create volume.
Therefore, avoid pockets and cargo pants.
I recommend the bootcut jeans instead: wear them long down with a little heel; they have a stretching and slimming effect on the leg.
Conversely, leggings and skinny models do not help, because they create a "cone" effect that makes the hips appear even more pronounced.
As for the skirts, choose the classic sheath dress or the flared models.
Particularly enhancing the '50s models, back in fashion.
On the contrary, stay away from lines that are too snug.
Prefer darker colors for skirts and trousers, because they tend to "narrow" optically.
Also be careful that the hem of sweaters and jackets does not fall right on the widest part of the hips, because it would make it a real focal point!
As for the accessories, the shoulder bags are better at breast height than shoulder bags
lean on the hips.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image consultant


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