Wide hips will be your delight with these new swimwear

Costumi due pezzi fianchi larghi 2-7-22

Being ashamed of your imperfections is human and it has happened to all of them. With age, and the awareness of ourselves, however, we learn to love ourselves as we are, which is why for summer 2022 those with wide hips will have to enhance them rather than hide them.

In the age of the infinite choice of accessories and clothing, it becomes more fun, but also more complicated, to choose the best costume for the physicality that nature has given us.

Two-piece swimsuits 2-7-22 wide hips

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Today we will see the features that the bikinis, tankinis and skirtinis that we like most should have.

The costume test is done according to your body! What to choose with wide hips

Let’s start by specifying what to stay away from (better to say it once more than less). No to swimsuits with hooks and metal or plastic hoops on the hips. Just like with slave sandals, you risk looking more puffy than you actually are.

Side bow costume 2-7-22

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A dry no even for very high-cut one-piece swimsuits. There is only one of Jennifer Lopez, it is useless to try to imitate her.
Better to opt for more comfortable shapes such as a two-piece with elastic culotte briefs, obviously with a high waist.

The fantasies that cunningly confuse the eye of others by diverting the focus on the form. Not fluorescent but in shades of pink, light blue, yellow and blue we will get close to perfection.

Polka dot bikini 2-7-22

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The two pieces with side bows they will have to be thick because the optical effect will make the hips appear narrower. This does not mean to camouflage one’s shapes, for heaven’s sake, body positive is finally a reality. It is about feeling comfortable with what we wear and having a slip that covers the backside in the right way can only be good.

With a small skirt, or rather a ruffle, as for the one-piece swimsuit by Asos Lux denim color (€ 52.99) success is guaranteed. The figure will immediately appear slender and our beloved hips will be balanced with the upper part also thanks to the ton on ton 3d flowers.

Getting inspired by your favorite ice cream flavors when choosing your costume can also be a brilliant idea. It should always be kept in mind that some shapes should be avoided, you risk making the figure of multicolored sausages.

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