Wigs for women with cancer, Puglia allocates 200 thousand euros

Wigs for women with cancer, Puglia allocates 200 thousand euros

This is a contribution to allow the purchase of the most economically disadvantaged patients.

Among the most obvious effects of an oncological therapy there is one that weakens the morale of women even more: hair loss (alopecia).

There would be a solution: buying a wig. Not all cancer patients, however, can afford them, because the price fluctuates between 400 and 2,000 euros.

Hence the importance of the resolution approved yesterday, Tuesday, March 14, by the Puglia Region, on the proposal of the Councilor for Welfare, Salvatore Nero, thanks to which 200 thousand euros have been allocated for the purchase of wigs, as an integral part of the assistance and support path.

The money will be withdrawn from the reserve fund and will be distributed to the beneficiaries to be selected through a public notice.

Women with an ISEE (indicator of the equivalent economic situation) family not exceeding 30,000 euros and with residence in Puglia will be able to take advantage of the contribution.

Moreover, the contribution for the purchase of the single wig will be 80% of the cost and, in any case, not more than 300 euros.

Speaking of the measure, the governor of Puglia, Michele Emiliano, said that "it is a small but we hope an important gesture for those who are facing treatment. We have thus maintained a commitment made just a few weeks ago and which has already found broad consensus among the citizens of Puglia and among the volunteers who work in close contact with the cancer patients ”.

Finally, the Negro Councilor explained that "the Regional Council has unblocked a situation that risked dragging on for a long time, due to the not always brief legislative process", specifying that the 200 thousand euros are only an anticipation of the 600 thousand euros expected, "establishing a special measure that meets the most vulnerable sections of the population".

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