William and Harry, the truth about their latest conversations

The truth about William and Harry's private talks after Grandpa Philip's quarrel and funeral

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What did William and Harry say in their last conversation? Diana's second son returned to London for Prince Philip's funeral, while Meghan Markle, expecting her second child, remained in the United States with Archie.

The trip to England was an opportunity to talk to William and Carlo after a particularly tense period, marked by the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey and accusations of racism against the royal family. After the funeral of their grandfather, the two brothers left together, accompanied by Kate Middleton who allegedly mediated to push them to resolve the situation between them.

According to what was revealed by Phil Dampier, a royal biographer, the conversations between the brothers would have been rather short and there would have been no real clarification. It would be a start to restore peace to the Royal Family, but there is still a long way to go. "The relationship between Harry, Meghan, William and Kate is now so delicate that everyone is looking for the slightest sign that it is improving – he revealed to Sun Online -. The discussions after Prince Philip's funeral are a beginning, but clearly it is only an opening, the situation is still tense ".

Harry, following the advice of some friends (and Meghan), would try to make peace with William. For his part, the heir to the throne would still be very angry with the Sussexes, but determined to regain the lost harmony for the sake of the monarchy and the Queen. The most reluctant to forgive Harry would be Carlo instead. The son of the Sovereign would have taken part in some private talks with the children. Conversations, however, would always be held in the presence of someone. The reason? Both William and Carlo would no longer trust Harry, convinced that each of their claims could be disseminated in the press "in a distorted way", as a source told Page Six.

Before leaving for California, the prince also left a letter to his father, but relations remained tense. With William, however, there would have been a very brief clarification that could soon lead to something more. This is demonstrated by the choice of the Sussexes to wish the Cambridge wishes on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. A simple but extremely important gesture.

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