William disappointed by Harry for a photo of Diana: Kate Middleton supports him

William disappointed by Harry for a photo of Diana: Kate Middleton supports him

William would have been disappointed by Harry and Meghan Markle's choice to use a photo of Lady Diana: Kate Middleton supports him

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The distance between Harry and William increases more and more, this time divided by a photo of Lady Diana. Before Christmas it seemed that the two brothers had reconnected, but the latest events would have provoked new quarrels, leading Kate Middleton to take a clear side of her husband against the brother-in-law with whom she has always had an excellent relationship.

The feud between Diana's children, as revealed by MailOnline, would be far from over and to rekindle it would have been a photo published by Harry on the Archewell website, the company he created together with Meghan Markle and which has a name inspired by his son Archie. In fact, on the company's website there is a shot of the past that portrays Harry on Lady Diana's shoulders in Highgrove, Gloucestershire. The photo was taken in July 1986 and tells a happy moment of the princes with their beloved mother. According to a source cited by the tabloid, William would not have liked his brother's choice to use the image of Diana, accusing him of having "tried to exploit through a photo the status of the icon of his mother, Diana, so as to be able to launch the his and Meghan Markle's website ”.

The shot is accompanied by a letter in which Harry recounts the bond with the princess and claims to have learned kindness and compassion from her. On the other hand, there is no mention of father Carlo or William, with whom the bond had become very strong after the death of his mother. "I think William would be quite worried if Harry used Diana to advertise his initiative, charitable or professional, without consulting him first – confirmed Phil Dampier, an expert on real issues -. William is trying to follow in Carlo's footsteps. I think part of the reason that made Harry mention only his mother has to do with Meghan, who is very close to her mother and now far from her father. He may have thought of her when he decided to speak only of Diana ”.

To side with William would be Kate Middleton. If until a few weeks ago the Duchess of Cambridge had tried to reconnect with the Sussexes, the gesture of Meghan Markle and Harry would have annoyed her. In fact, Kate and Meghan have always been rivals even in collecting Diana's legacy. And the next meeting between the couples could take place thanks to the princess. In fact, in a few months, Markle and Harry should return to London to attend the inauguration of the statue dedicated to Lady D.

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