William like Diana, her popularity annoys Carlo

William like Diana, her popularity annoys Carlo

Prince William risks creating a new family feud: his father Charles, in fact, would be deeply angry with him.

Lady Diana, the life and death of the Princess of the People

There is no peace for the British Royal Family. After Harry and Meghan’s farewell to Buckingham Palace, who moved to the United States of America, the climate has not improved at all and even among the other members there seems to be tension. In particular, Prince Charles would be annoyed by his eldest son, William.

Carlo annoyed by William: the reason

The future of the monarchy is undoubtedly William. The throne, however, belongs first to his father, Prince Charles, first in line of succession and direct heir of Queen Elizabeth. However, the Duke of Cambridge and his wife Kate Middleton already enjoy greater popularity which could create insurmountable problems.

In short, Kate and William would already be more loved and more in light than the future King and this was also evident during the premiere of the latest James Bond film, where father and son participated together with their respective wives parading on the Red Carpet.

Royal experts, thus, fear that William could completely eclipse Charles even before his accession to the throne, undermining the authority and charisma of the one who will be the first representative of the English monarchy in the world. A doubt also supported by Richard Eden, a royal commentator who analyzed the situation in an interview with MailPlus:

I think it’s a very difficult balancing act.

William as Diana: everyone loves him

The situation would also be irritating Prince Charles, who has already faced something similar in the past. William, in fact, would be in this very similar to his mother Diana, who was particularly loved by the people and who, perpetually, managed to overshadow the heir to the throne. This has given rise to heavy discussions with consequences known to all.

People always said that Charles was annoyed by the attention Diana received, so – continues Richard Eden – it is very complicated if before becoming a monarch, he is eclipsed by his son.

What is being presented to court is thus an extremely delicate problem that must be handled with caution. Queen Elizabeth, now 95, needs the support of her family more and more: a new feud, in short, would be the least desirable. Carlo, who will become King at an advanced age, will have to find a way to keep his balance and not be outclassed by his son William. Will he and Camilla be able to achieve the same degree of popularity as the Cambridge?

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