"William secretly ill in April": the Palace does not comment

"William secretly ill in April": the Palace does not comment

William would have tested positive for Covid but would have kept silent about the disease. Mystery on the indiscretion and the evidence that dismantle it

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William reportedly contracted Covid-19 last April and would have had serious breathing problems. But he would have decided to keep his illness secret so as not to alarm the country that was experiencing the darkest moment of the pandemic.

According to leaked rumors, the Duke of Cambridge would have tested positive around the same time his father Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson were battling the Coronavirus. From Buckingham Palace, no reaction. Evidently, the Crown does not consider it necessary to comment on the indiscretion, an attitude it usually takes when news about the Royal Family is unfounded.

Even if it were true that William was infected, Kate Middleton's husband is now very well and for the moment in excellent health, as evidenced by the numerous visits and commitments he has kept up to in recent months.

According to reports from the Sun, according to the latest rumors circulated, William would have been infected last April and would have been treated by his personal doctors in Anmer Hall, Norfolk where he had moved with his family to spend the period of isolation. Kate Middleton has never tested positive and the Duke would have decided to silence the news of his illness so as not to worry the population.

In April William would continue to work from home and would make 14 phone and video calls. A source allegedly revealed to the Sun that Kate's husband was hit quite severely by the virus and at one point he had difficulty breathing, so much so that he worried the family, first of all Lady Middleton.

However, the matter is shrouded in mystery. Why keep William's health a secret? How is it possible that William was positive and did not maintain close isolation from the rest of the family? Just in April he made several video calls with his wife Kate beside him. On the other hand, he seemed to be in excellent health and not tried at all. If it really was hit that hard, is it possible that the virus hasn't tried it at all?

There are still many open questions. Meanwhile, the Sun reports the testimony of sources who insist on William's disease. They would have declared that the Duke, experiencing the contagion firsthand, felt very close to the doctors who try to fight it. And they bring as proof of his illness, the fact that Will spoke of Carlo's positivity only recently, which is not confirmed. In fact, after the announcement of the Prince of Wales that he had been infected, William and his brother Harry did not hide their concern and regret at not being able to be next to him.

The indiscretion on William's illness has many obscure points and frankly leaves us perplexed. And now what sense would it make to bring out this news, if not really create other alarms that you just don't feel the need for. Not surprisingly, for now, Buckingham Palace is silent.

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