Winter diet to lose weight. And the anti-cellulite and deflated-belly foods

Winter diet to lose weight. And the anti-cellulite and deflated-belly foods

In the exclusive interview, Dr. Davide Spoldi, nutritionist biologist, gives us some valuable tips to keep the line and fight swelling and cellulite

Anti-cellulite and fat-burning winter diet

It is difficult to maintain a healthy weight in winter, thanks to the cold, the numerous holidays and perhaps a decrease in physical activity. Yet some small, but strategic measures at the table would be enough not to take extra kilos and then run for cover in the spring with the approach of the dreaded costume test.

So we asked Doctor Davide Spoldi, a nutritionist biologist, to give us some advice on proper nutrition in the winter months, from the basic foods to combat cellulite to those to deflate the flat. With some attention on the choice of healthier flours and proteins.

Winter diet: what are the foods that should not be missing?
Quality proteins, fish caught, meat from grass farms, eggs from free range hens. Cereals from ancient grains and genetically gluten-free cereals, such as buckwheat, rice and brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, sorghum, teff. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, preferably organic.

In a balanced diet, are carbohydrates allowed? If yes, in what quantity?
Of course they are allowed, the quantity depends on various factors: the individual's energy needs, digestibility and individual intolerances.

Better the white or wholemeal flours?
Better to avoid 0 and 00 flours, even wholemeal ones are not always healthy, better to opt for the flours of those cereals that are gluten-free, such as buckwheat, rice and brown rice, Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet, Sorghum, Teff.

How are good and bad proteins distinguished?
Knowing the area of ​​origin, what type of nutrients they used to raise animals, grass or cereals with gluten or other additives to inflate the animal … the expiry date, the content in saturated fats and preservatives, just read the labels and understand what is in the food I am going to buy.

As for vegetables, is it advisable to eat them raw or cooked?
Either way, as long as they are steamed and not boiled or boiled. Better raw at the beginning of the meal and cooked with the main dish.

Extracts and centrifuges, what advantages do they have on physical well-being and on the line?
I prefer the extracts, the rotation speed of the motor lower than the centrifuge motor, allows not to alter the nutritional properties of the food, I refer to vitamins and mineral salts. They are an excellent remedy for taking a good amount of daily vegetables.

Can you tell Tipsforwomens readers about anti-cellulite and fat-burning foods?
There are no miraculous foods, but foods to avoid, such as fried foods, sugars from sweets and sweeteners or sugary drinks.

For cellulite, I recommend an extract of Daikon:
• 1 daikon root
• 2 slices of pineapple
• A few mint leaves
It is recommended to drink an extract every two days for about a month, and then decrease to one a week. However, nothing prevents you from enriching your salads daily with fresh daikon, perhaps after marinating it for a few hours in an emulsion of oil and lemon.

For a swollen belly:
A. Chia seeds
Chia seeds absorb their weight in water many times and are rich in fiber, so they make you feel fuller, fuller and more satisfied for a long time. They are also a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids. A 2: 1 or 3: 1 ratio of Omega 6-Omega 3 has been shown to reduce inflammation, but many Western diets have this ratio unbalanced at 15: 1 or more.
The Omega 3 contained in chia seeds can help manage this imbalance and reduce inflammation. How to use them: Use them in smoothies, add them to salad or try making a chia seed pudding as explained in this recipe.

B. Coconut oil
Coconut oil is the health food par excellence and is becoming an increasingly popular product (and for good reason). It is not only anti-inflammatory, but also boosts metabolism, helps balance hormones and is antimicrobial. In particular, virgin coconut oil that has not been treated with chemicals or heat can eliminate the effects of chronic inflammation.
How to use them: Cook with coconut oil, use it for cooking in the oven, for skipping and for making smoothies and breakfast.

C. Hemp seeds
Hemp seeds are an excellent source of vegetable protein and the intake of protein has proven to be useful for reducing appetite, increasing the sense of satiety and reducing the intake of food throughout the day. Hemp seeds also have Omega 6 and Omega 3 in a perfect ratio.
How to use them: Use them in smoothies, salads or sauces. Avoid cooking or superprocessing them because they are easily damaged.

What are the techniques for cooking in a healthy and dietary way?
The ideal is to cook at low temperatures, avoiding the contact between food and cooking surface, so as not to allow food to reach high temperatures, i.e. above 95 °. In this way, the nutritional properties of the food itself will be kept intact (Davide Spoldi also intervened in the presentation of the line of four small GoHealthy! Appliances made by Hotpoint that can give valuable help in the preparation of healthy, tasty and creative dishes. These appliances have all the advantages of creating dishes characterized by well-being and lightness without sacrificing the taste of good food).

What are the bad eating habits that we must absolutely avoid?
Eat at scheduled times, processed foods and with low value of quality proteins. You have to follow your instinct, that is, eat when you are really hungry, the important thing is not to eat "junk" foods such as pizzas, focaccias, leavened products, hydrogenated fatty foods such as sweets and snacks.
But I would advise that the best food that should never be missing is physical activity. To date, sedentary life is more harmful than poor nutrition.

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