Winter fashion

Winter fashion

Look Book Winter 2010-11

We are now in the middle of winter, the sales are on the doorstep and our wardrobe is always missing some seasonal items. Which one to choose? To avoid mistakes, here is a journey through the trends and "garments in", including accessories, details and fashion must 2010-11.


From sportswear to street style, to the catwalks of luxury brands: here is the path of the down jacket from the 1970s to the present. Once worn strictly and exclusively on the ski slopes, today like the parka and the husky, it has become part of the city wardrobe and has long since lost the sporting connotation with which it had come to light, acquiring a certain elegance.
Initially the padding was synthetic or vegetal and rather voluminous: with the transition to the natural feather the down became less bulky and more suitable to be worn even by the most trendy women. Lately the synthetic padding is equally warm and thin like the natural one, with great satisfaction of ecologists who prefer down to fur.
In silk, nylon or paint effect, very long like a coat or very short, more or less fitted to mark shapes, today the choice of pumini is particularly wide both in materials and cuts and in colors. The most fashionable shades this winter? White and blue.


Half decoltè and half boot, the ankle boots are the shoes of the season. Ready to incorporate every fashionable flicker, from lace to studs, from stilettos to jeweled buckles and pendants, they cover the foot, but sometimes not everything (see the "open toe" model), they rise to the ankle, wrap and close it ( with strap, elastic or zipper) or softly painted around it, perhaps with a turn-up. Thanks to their chameleon-like nature, they are worn with skirts, shorts and trousers, highlighting that part of the leg that you like best: just play with the appropriate model.


The Fifties are back in great shape: the cocktail dress squeezed at the waist, with the skirt that sometimes widens to become a wheel and the heart-shaped bodice will be the master during all the informal evenings. One color on all: black, but not only.

Contemporary designers have revisited the classic lines and the result, despite the inspiration refers to the history of fashion, is never a given. Today, as then, with this line – called A – the legs and waist are enhanced compared to other parts of the body.

There is not only this form that recalls the Fifties in the trends for the coming winter: in fact the Y line and the pencil line return: the skirt adheres to the hips and tightens on the legs. In the Y line the upper part of the shoulders becomes wider, with large scarves or maxi collars.
The sexy wrapping effect on the B side is assured, even if you can't take long steps. However, Dior had also thought of this, inventing the slit on the skirt that takes its name.

Military chic

After the most daring proposal (the shorts) it is the turn of the military chic style. Hoods, jackets with tailcoats and frogs, square shoulder pads: the coats resemble uniforms, evoking the elegance of the uniforms of past soldiers. In the version we like most, minimalist or romantic nineteenth-century, we will have a martial look wrapped in shaped but soft cloths. More everyday and practical, we will blend in with jungles and urban seas with cotton cargo shorts, double-breasted navy jackets and sailor sweaters. At the foot, the trusty booties or riding boots in leather.

A single downside: the military total look is not recommended, better some well chosen pieces here and there.

The shorts

In the coming months, shorts or shorts or shorts will be worn anywhere and in any case. Regardless of the temperatures, in order not to die of cold we will be rescued by colorful and fancy socks, leggings and tights and, to top it all, we will wear boots, ankle boots and high laced shoes.

Of every fabric (from jeans to tweed), of every shape (from the sexiest hot pants to the masculine cut with pince), the shorts are the seasonal passepartout, declined at every moment of the day: chic in the evening, minimal in boxer cut and bon ton in college version.

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