With the “boosters” you prevent running pains in the calves

Among runners, colored “footless socks” are increasingly popular, elasticized leggings, also known as boosters, which wrap around the calf. They are called “boosters”, from the model name of the BV Sport which made them known to many fans. “They should not be confused with compression stockings, which perform a vertical action, as they favor the venous return of blood to the heart”, explains Dr. Luca Bertiniorthopedic doctor and homeopath in Pisa.

«The compression, in the leggings, is mainly exerted on a horizontal plane. Their primary function is protect the calf muscles: during the race they are subject to the vibrations of the continuous impact of the heel on the ground and in the long run they can suffer with pain and aches ».

How to find the right version

For the action to be effective, however, you must pay attention to the choice of the model: «We must try sitting “boosters”with the knee held at 90 ° and the leg perpendicular to the ground: they must be tailored to the height of the tibia and the circumference of the calf in the widest part, resulting in enveloping but loosely“, suggest Michele Cecotti, owner of Affari & Sport, a chain of specialized stores. «Some models have a right and left leg; often there is a front and a back face ».

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