With the padel you burn, improve coordination and have fun right away


Increasingly popular, with over 5,000 fields in Italy, padel has proven not to be just a simple fashion: “A sport that requires concentration and a lot of energy, since the ball is always in play and scoring a point is not easy”, explains Andrea Pecorella, instructor at the Giotto Tennis Club in Arezzo. That reveals the secrets of this fun and fat burning discipline.

You get hooked immediately

Padel is played 2 against 2 and the matches are played at the best of 3 sets, with the score calculated as in tennis. The field measures 20m long by 10m wide, divided by a net. On the bottom and on the side it is enclosed by transparent walls and metal nets on which the ball can bounce only once.

“Thanks to the hit from the bottom and the particular racket (similar to the beach tennis one, without the stranding but with holes on the plate to make it lighter and the short handle, which transforms it into a kind of extension of the hand), the padel allows you to have fun right away», Continues the expert. It is a sport that can be learned in a short time: “Usually 10 lessons are enough to play a real game,” confirms the coach.

It’s a total workout

During the match you perform sprints, leaps and pushups as you move up and down the court. “In an hour you can get to travel up to 4 km and burn about 700 calories»Says our instructor. While you play, you do an alternating aerobic and anaerobic workout, which is useful for speed up metabolism.

Not only that: «The padel offers a training that involves both the arms and abdominals and legs, engaged in squats and lunges every time you have to respond to the opponent’s blows. Also, between one smash and another improve coordination and a sense of position, essential for building a winning understanding with the partner », concludes Pecorella.

The secret to not getting hurt? It’s in the shoes

“The bottom of the padel courts is made of synthetic grass with a little sand, so as not to get stuck”, explains Andrea Pecorella. However, the quick changes of direction can put your back, knees and ankles to the test: “Therefore it is best to wear a specific pair of shoes, with soles with a herringbone pattern. which ensures better stability during the sprints and allows you to slide forward when you hit the ball », advises the expert.

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