With the pistachios you get back in shape and protect the heart

With the pistachios you get back in shape and protect the heart

If consumed in the right amount they are very useful in a healthy diet and precious allies of our health.

Eating pistachios does not affect our diet and is a precious source of well-being and health for our body.

It is often thought, erroneously, that a handful of pistachios will make us take too many calories and that they may be harmful in a weight loss diet. Surely we must not exceed but this is a rule that applies to everything, because every food if consumed in large doses is not too good for our health.

But pistachios, if brought to the table in good quantity, allow us to fill up with particularly effective elements for the health of our body, remaining in shape.

It is well known that dried shelled fruit is an ally for our health, just think of almonds and walnuts, or products that should never be lacking in our diet, but it is good to know that pistachios are the ones that have the least negative influence on our desire to lose weight. In fact they are nutritious but have a low caloric intake. Among all the dried fruits are the most "lean" as they are particularly rich in protein and their fats are good and are good for you.

In particular, they help regulate cholesterol because they are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Consuming pistachios helps to protect us from cardiovascular diseases, precisely by reducing cholesterol that is not good for our body (LDL type) and raising the good one (HDL). Then they are rich in vitamins: in particular A, some of the B group, C and E. In pistachios there are also many mineral salts such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

It is important to choose them in the unsalted version that makes them excellent allies to keep hypertension at bay. They are also rich in fiber and therefore useful to combat the problems related to a lazy intestine, such as constipation.

From the caloric point of view it must always be remembered that it is the excess that is the number one enemy of our diet. Pistachios when consumed in the right dose (about 30 grams per day which amounts to 170 Kcal) give us the necessary energy without creating problems for our waistline.

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