With this method you will save 10% on gasoline: it’s a pity you didn’t think about it before

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There is a method that allows us to save about 10% on gasoline and, in light of the high prices, it is just the right time to put it into practice.

High gasoline prices have brought entire families to their knees: we have seen incredible peaks in the past few months and therefore we are all looking for a solution to this problem.

method save gasoline

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The first it could be identified with the Petrol Bonus. This is a contribution made by the government to try to remedy the problem of prices that have become decidedly too high.

Article 2 of the law decree 21/2022 – converted with modifications by the law 20 May 2022, n. 512 (so-called decree Ukraine bis) – it therefore provides a kind of voucher, which people can use to save on fuel.

Let’s talk about a voucher worth 200 euros, but exempt from contributions and taxes. Who are the beneficiaries?

THE employees of private companies – to which it is paid automatically – but also subjects who do not carry out a commercial activity, and professional firms. self-employed workers who have their own employees.

Effectively this is only the first solution, but there are others as well. An example can be to replace the car with public transport, or bikes and scooters.

All these constitute among other things green solutions, which will therefore help not only our wallet, but also the environment.

That said, there is also another foolproof method that will save us around 10% on gasoline. Here’s what it is.

The method that allows us to save 10% on gasoline

The first thing to specify is that car maintenance is essential: a car in perfect condition first of all allows us to save on possible more expensive damages, probably, but it will also allow us to travel safely.

method save gasoline

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Also, often it also allows us to save on gasoline: a “faulty” car often has to try harder to walk and therefore consumes more.

But it does not end there, because there is also a foolproof method that allows us to save 10% on gasoline.

What is it about? Of the tire method. What’s it about? In simply keeping the tires perfectly inflated at all times. And this still places it in the maintenance sector mentioned above.

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