Without makeup it is truly unrecognizable

Without makeup it is truly unrecognizable

Power of "makeup and wig": singers, actresses and models look like other people before going under the hands of experts …

Some enjoy posting pictures on social networks completely removed, others are paparazzi. But almost all of them are unrecognizable without the greasepaint layer (HERE ARE THE PHOTOS). Try to guess who I am. They appear unrecognizable, like the girl you see in this video showing the before and after:

Daughter of art, of the mythical Steven Tyler, frontman of Aerosmith, has always been considered a sex symbol for which all men go crazy. What you see in the gallery is Liv Tyler, who, however, in these photos immediately after pregnancy and without make-up, is almost unrecognizable. Like her another, beloved actress, her fame has endured over time and still has myriads of fans scattered all over the world. Beautiful and refined, in this image without make-up and with hair without styling, it is truly unrecognizable. It's Gwyneth Paltrow …

It is the new icon of Italian style, but on social networks it appears sulky and completely without makeup. Did you recognize her? It is the well-known presenter Caterina Balivo who immortalized herself at the end of the holidays. Unkempt hair, pajamas, slippers on the feet and above all the total absence of make-up, which reveals deep wrinkles, double chins, relaxed skin of the neck, make it unrecognizable (the power of make-up is enormous, just see how it transforms the models) a famous singer , famous in particular for being the widow of Kurt Cobain. Yes, this frightened woman who wanders the lobby of a luxury Miami hotel in déshabillé is Courtney Love. Who knows what happened to her after leaving her room without having time to dress, put on makeup and comb her hair. The assistant who accompanies her now seems resigned to the star's unpredictable whims.

Taking a selfie and posting it on social networks has become a real craze for celebs, who immortalize themselves without make-up, perhaps as soon as they wake up with their bags clearly visible. There are those who, it must be said, do not need it. Like Marica Pellegrinelli, who is always beautiful. This is demonstrated by a photo in which he shows himself with a perfect make-up, probably for a photo shoot. But even without makeup, as in the selfie she took after the evening shower, she always remains beautiful, with her fresh features. And he writes: "#goodnight .. but the moment after the shower when you would like for some divine will, find yourself in a second wiped," phonata "and" creamed "under the covers instead nothing: the #limbo".

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