Women: hair is the main seduction tool

Women: hair is the main seduction tool

Hair, the cuts that made history

The fixed nail of Italian women in front of the mirror? Hair care. For one in two (48%), the attention to the beauty of the hair goes hand in hand with the care and attention for one's physical form (46%). To think this way, it is above all young and very young people aged 15 to 34 (40%) who declare to invest and spend on cosmetics and treatments for hair health even more than for sport and beauty center. In short, it seems that a beautiful hair is the key to success to conquer men more than high heels or refined outfits.

This is what emerges from the data of the last Doxa-Plantur survey on a sample of 521 women, aged between 15 and 55 years and over, which reveals fears and concerns of the fairer sex with respect to personal care and advancement age. The importance of having beautiful hair is a priority compared to obsessive attention to the look and face care that are the priority for 36% of women, in practice just over one in three.

But what is the biggest fear of women in terms of hair? Certainly that of hair loss. If the extra kilos in fact – or the centimeters too much – are a problem often and easily solved, and towards which they are however indulgent enough, it is not so for the spectrum of sparse hair and scalp in plain sight. What until yesterday was a taboo not to talk about today has become a shared topic and, without doubt, the worst nightmare of the over 35.

A problem, that of hair loss, which, until a few years ago, seemed to be the exclusive preserve of boys, today also involves women more and more, not only in the air of menopause, but also at a younger age. Hormonal changes due to menopause and pregnancies, excessive stress, as well as too severe diets, can in fact affect the health of the hair. Recent research by the American Academy of Dermatology predicts that between 25 and 33.3% of women will suffer from baldness (temporary or permanent) throughout their lives.

Also in terms of hair, even dry and brittle hair (22%) and excessively oily hair (17%) constitute a real obstacle for their feminine beauty. Little importance is given to dandruff, only 9%, perhaps because women, unlike their partners, seem to suffer less.

And that's not all: hair remains one of the most evident indicators of the years that pass. 40% of the women involved in the Doxa-Plantur research believe that it is precisely from the hair that it is possible to understand if a woman is beyond the "leaf" or not.

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