Women's freedom passes through economic independence

Women's freedom passes through economic independence

Autonomy is a woman: be free and independent, especially economically

Being a woman requires courage, every day, every day to face the abuses, the abuses, and all those cliches of which we are victims, sometimes without even realizing it. To rebel against those beliefs that see us as the weaker sex: "Be beautiful and shut up" or "Be the mother, the perfect lover, the wife", we hear ourselves say every day.

Because a woman cannot be the boss, nor the one who is more successful in the relationship. Verbal violence that hurts, that hurts and empties our soul, the same ones that give us the strength to fight, to pursue our dreams and goals, to be who we want, without impositions or rules, if not ours.

However, there is another type of violence, silent and subtle, that lurks within families and those relationships of couples in which it is man who has control. Because it is the alpha male who must command, who must manage the households, only he can have a bank account and take care of everything.

And do you know what? This is the most painful emotional violence that affects us, a social scourge that will always lead us to a position of submission with respect to companions or husbands.

Studies confirm this: 17% of working women do not have a bank account and in the south the situation worsens dramatically, one woman out of two, in fact, is not economically independent and totally depends on her partner.

In Europe the percentage of inactive women has reached 31%, a figure that is now growing following the lockdown from Coronavirus; the lack of services to the family, in fact, further discouraged women's work.

The result is a world made up of women invisible to the eyes of society who suffer from the lack of autonomous income and economic freedom that we have the right and duty to demand, to do what we want to do, to move around the world as free people.

In this perspective, the path of full equality between the female and male universe still appears long and not without its pitfalls, but it is all in our hands. We must be free and rebellious, choose what we like and do it, apply for the job of our dreams, commit ourselves every day to be career women, if that's what we want.

We must be autonomous, sentimentally, professionally and economically, always. We teach our daughters, and future generations, to be exactly like this: selfish, if needed, and independent of men and everything else.

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