Work meeting? Don't forget the make up

Make up, the mistakes to avoid

If, before going to the office or going to an appointment or a job interview, you will sacrifice a few minutes of your time to try to take on a cured look, mascara and lipstick in your hand, you will not run the risk of looking frivolous or vain: all other.

A study conducted by Nancy L. Etcoff of the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry and taken from Forbes shows that women who are treated in the office at work or at work appointments are perceived as more competent than those who do not even give a touch of blush on the cheeks.
Put in front of photos of the same woman with and without make-up, a sample of men and women was invited to identify in the subjects portrayed one or more qualities of sympathy, attractiveness, competence and reliability.

No surprise, therefore, when it was found that make-up women were judged more attractive and in many cases more interesting and nice than the others. The novelty rather was that those embellished with make-up were, at first glance, considered more competent and more reliable than the women depicted in the "natural" version.

But even this should not be surprising, given that even a single veil of make-up on the skin, even on the most water and soap, gives a clean and well-groomed appearance and is an integral part of self-care, as for man the beard shaving operation. The advice is not to overdo it, at least as far as office make-up is concerned: never as in this case the make-up must be there but it must not be too flashy.

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