Work stress does not cause cancer

Work stress does not cause cancer

The symptoms of stress

Stressed at work? Don't worry: it is not a problem that will have serious consequences on your health. In fact, no correlation was found between work stress and colorectal cancer, lung, breast or prostate.

If it is known that about 90 percent of cancer cases are related to environmental factors, including certainly UV rays and smoking, little is known about the influence of psychological factors on this disease.
The researchers of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health wanted to see clearly and monitored the health conditions of a sample of 116 thousand people between the ages of 17 and 70 for twelve years. The study showed that 5% of individuals developed a tumor, but no correlation was found between pathology and work-related stress.

Other research has shown that stress is linked to the development of infections both in acute and mild form (such as a cold). Like the study by the Dutch Danielle Mohren of Maastricht University, which emphasizes how the workers with heavy responsibilities bear the burden of this problem: "Employees with special workloads and responsibilities get cold 20% more often than who manages the normal administration Precarious work or lay-offs in the air instead trigger flu and gastroenteritis ".

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