Workout in water to tone arms, shoulders and pectorals


In winter they stay hidden but in summer, with t-shirts and tops, arms, shoulders and décolleté become protagonists. Even if you exercise regularly, your triceps may be relaxed, your shoulders slightly sloping, your pecs without tone. But it is never too late to remedy. Take advantage of beach holidays or days in the pool to do a specific workout. You will immediately see the difference.

Follow the training proposed by our expert, Marina Tomasoni, fitness manager at the Aquatic Center in Montichiari (Brescia), Cmas trainer hydrospinning and hydrofitness instructors, diving up to the shoulders. Thus, without overloading the joints, you will tone your arms, shoulders and pectorals, taking advantage of the resistance of the water, which will make the training 40% more effective. It will be like working with weights, but with less effort.

  • What to do before and after training

    Start with a warm up in the water and finish with stretching. Before starting, run for 3 minutes, moving your arms and shoulders. At the end of the workout, to cool down, cross your hands and stretch your arms forward, then up and back, for 20 seconds.

The program

  • Tones the pectoralis major271180

    Open your arms, with a greater width than the shoulders, and hold a mini ball, like those in PVC, 10 cm in diameter with your left hand. Keep your elbows slightly flexed and, moving your left arm, bring the ball up to your right hand and exhale. Breathing in, return to the starting position, then repeat on the other side. For 30 times.

    To work harder: start with your legs apart and close them, with a jump, when the ball passes from one hand to the other. Like this also tone your buttocks.

  • Engages the shoulders intensely271176

    Arms open, outstretched in front of the chest, with the elbows slightly flexed. Exhaling, take the ball in your left hand and, passing it behind your back, bring it into your other hand, extending your arm well. The right hand, which receives, is level with the hip. Return to the starting position and repeat from left to right. For 30 times.

    To work harder: strengthens ankles and calves with one skip racewith high knees, in place.

  • Define the deltoid271181

    Breathing in, lift your right arm to the side, with the mini ball in your hand. Exhaling, close it forcefully, until it touches the right side. He inhales and repeat the movement 20 times. Then perform on the other side.

    To work harder: run in place, in order to increase calorie consumption and slim down your thighs.

  • Firm your triceps271182

    Start with your arms at your sides and the mini ball in your right hand. The sphere must be held inwards, so it must touch your body. Then bend the elbow, passing behind the back, and exhaling, touch the left shoulder blade with the ball. Inhale, return to the starting position and repeat 20 times. Then perform on the other side.

    To work harder: do even-footed hops, pushing well with the forefoot to stretch the ankles and define the calves.

  • Shape your bicep271183

    Stretch your arms forward, at chest height, crossing your fingers. Then bend your elbows and, keeping them high, touch, exhaling, the left shoulder. Breathing in, return to the starting position and perform on the other side. Repeat 30 times.

    To work harder: do a back kicking run in place. Like this tone your hamstringsthe hamstrings.

  • Strengthens the pecs271184

    Arms raised and open, sideways, to the best of your ability, but swithout feeling tension or pain. Then cross them in front of you keeping them in line with your shoulders. First pass over the left arm, exhaling, then, inhaling, return to the starting position and repeat, but with the right arm higher in the intersection. Do the full movement 30 times.

    To work harder: it also engages the lower limbs with the cross run. He alternately passes with one leg in front of the other, avoiding twisting his torso. Improve agility and slim the hips.

  • Train the whole upper part271177

    Stretch your arms forward, with your hands together in fists. Exhaling, open on the sides, at shoulder level, keeping them immersed in the water and straighten the fingers of the hands, firmly. Breathing in, bring your arms to your sides and, from here, return to the starting position, in front of you, with your hands together. Run for 30 times.

    To work harder: spread your legs with a side step and then close them, remaining in place and without jumping. This will also tone the adductors, the inner thigh muscles.

  • Sculpt your arm muscles271185

    Palms facing out. She brings her arms back, over her hips, pushing her chest forward. Exhaling, he brings his left arm forward, with the palm of his hand facing up. Then rotate the palm of your hand and, exhaling, return to the starting position. Repeat 30 times, then do the exercise with the other arm.

    To work harder: also involve the lower limbs with the lateral travel. Front shoulders, move sideways, in small steps. This will tone your legs and buttocks.

(Drawings by Alessandra Scandella)