World Cancer Day, on the side of women

World Cancer Day, on the side of women

6,000 more cases of cancer are expected in women. Against cancer, the focus is on Artificial Intelligence: the challenges of research and initiatives for patients

February 4, 2021. World Cancer Day is celebrated, World Cancer Day. Never like this year, in time of Covid-19 and the impact of the pandemic not only on assistance but also on the possibility of screening, with a reduction of the early diagnoses that will be quantified in the future, it is necessary to focus on knowledge and prevention to "challenge" tumors.

According to the estimates of the official census carried out by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (Aiom) with the Italian Association of Cancer Registries, the Italian Society of Pathological Anatomy and Diagnostic Cytology, the Aiom Foundation, reported in the book "The numbers of cancer in Italy 2020 ”, the effects of the pandemic should have a greater impact on women. About 6000 more cases of cancer are expected in the female population, for a total of almost 182,000 diagnoses.

Artificial Intelligence among the challenges of the future

As reported by the AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) website, there is a lot of focus for the future on artificial intelligence which, in addition to accelerating the discovery of new drugs or new therapeutic combinations, can also have many other useful applications in oncology.

"With regard to screening and diagnosis – we read -, for example, these new tools can help clinicians to identify precancerous lesions starting from the analysis of digital images. However, artificial intelligence can go even further and predict the genetic characteristics of the tumor, as was shown by a group of US researchers in a research that appeared in Nature Medicine. By analyzing images of lung tumors, the machine was able to correctly classify the different subtypes and also to predict the presence of specific gene mutations. In the era of molecularly targeted medicine, these capabilities are particularly important: if artificial intelligence confirms the promises, it could allow you to have all the information to choose the right therapy in a few minutes, compared to the several days it takes to get the results. DNA sequencing and other tests and procedures. But for this it will take a little more time for research and studies before the results are consolidated.

Initiatives to find out more

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, Humanitas is launching “Ours are coming”, a series of podcasts dedicated to patients to prepare them for the national anti Covid-19 vaccination campaign, responding to doubts and fears thanks to the voice of doctors and researchers. The first podcast is dedicated to cancer patients: vaccine safety, timing of administration and interaction with ongoing therapies are some of the topics addressed. Podcasts will follow on patients being treated at Radiotherapy, Oncohematology, the Leukemia Center and Oncological Surgery, with explanations from the specialists of the Humanitas Cancer Center.

According to Armando Santoro, director of the Humanitas Cancer Center, "2020 will be remembered by cancer patients as the year in which their fear doubled: not only for a disease that is the second leading cause of death in Italy, but also fear of the contagion. Yet hospitals, including Humanitas, have organized themselves to enhance security, with separate paths and now also with the vaccination of health personnel against Covid-19. Good news that will soon arrive also for the patients themselves. The responsibility of us doctors, now, is to support them in resolving their doubts about the safety of the vaccine ”.

“Even cancer today is less scary, thanks to the latest generation therapies developed with Scientific Research. In this sense, Artificial Intelligence is another weapon in our hands because it allows us to analyze thousands of data to make faster and more personalized decisions, as already happens, for example, in hematology or cancer diagnostics ".

To help reduce the risks of disinformation, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, Daiichi Sankyo Italia launches the Pink Positive site, which offers eleven chapters that can be downloaded for free and shared on various social platforms, written by various Italian experts, oncologists, psycho- oncologists, nutritionists, hematologists, pediatricians and journalists specialized in the various disciplines involved in the management and treatment of cancer, and dedicated in particular to women. Nutrition, family, femininity, pain management, possible motherhood, as well as the quality of life and the necessary doctor-patient dialogue: these are just some of the doubts and obstacles that women face every day. they are diagnosed with cancer, especially in a difficult time like the pandemic.

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