World Vitiligo Day, Luca Onestini: "I love myself like this"


On World Vitiligo Day, Luca Onestini shows himself on Instagram: "There is nothing to hide, I am colorful and I love myself like this"

Kasia Smutniak and vitiligo: "I want to claim my change"

On World Vitiligo Day, which is celebrated on June 25, many people, on social networks, told their story. To share, help those who still do not accept the change and make it clear that often vitiligo, a disease that causes depigmentation of some parts of the body, can even be seen as a gift.

Kasia Smutniak, an actress and a wonderful woman, knows that for 7 years, as she confessed on Instagram in August 2019, she has been suffering from vitiligo. "At first I didn't accept it, I tried any remedy, from traditional doctors to holy men. In the end, vitiligo made me discover myself and an important thing: you have to learn to love and be loved for your defects, that the qualities know how to love them all ".

Another VIP who has been suffering from vitiligo for years, since he was a child, is the ex GF Luca Onestini model. That on the occasion of the World Vitiligo Day, he published a photo on his Instagram account, with his "natural tattoos", as he defines them, in evidence and the comment:

I did not choose my tattoos, they are not markedly defined and change over time .. they change the shape as they please, they love change as I love it .. my tattoos are white and not black perhaps because the hand is pure who designed them (Nature). Today is the world day of vitiligo 🤍 And who still asks me: "what have you done on your legs?" I shamelessly answer that I have vitiligo. I have always shown it to you and will continue to do so. There is nothing to hide, I am as colorful as the most beautiful skies and I love myself so 🤍

#vitiligo #day 🤍

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