Wrinkles: behaviors and habits that favor them

Wrinkles: behaviors and habits that favor them

Wrinkles can appear ahead of time: that's why

If you think it's just the "doors" to catapult us into the world of facial folds, you're wrong. Wrinkles are statistically a problem for the over 40s, but they can be a serious flaw even for younger women. If the initial consideration is "so much non-smoking and non-alcohol consumption", it will surprise you to know that, although alcohol and smoking are an accelerator of wrinkles (like going to the finish line of life without even going off the street), there are habits that contribute to form them. The advice is to play in advance or run for cover and re-educate yourself for wellness.

Don't protect yourself 365 days a year

By now we have all learned how to spread creams and lotions to protect us from the sun's rays. The sun is the enemy of the skin for many reasons, but it is not the only enemy. Pollution is another problem: fine dust can penetrate the skin and form a layer that prevents oxygenation. To reverse the trend, it is useful to strengthen the epidermis barrier with anti-pollution moisturizers that also contain medium protection factors, without forgetting to perform a constant and meticulous routine skincare. If you want to know how to protect your skin from smog, read here.

To sleep little

From a very young age the temptation to do "after" every day is always around the corner. From mature, work and life often lead us to stay up late. In all cases it is a wrong habit that does not allow the skin to regenerate itself precisely in the night bands, those in which intense reparative processes are activated. Sleeping is good for the body and especially for the skin. In this sense, applying rich creams in the evening before bedtime after proper hydration is essential to give further support to this natural process.

Anti-age posture

Sleeping prone or always on the same side is likely to create precise folds on the skin, which is difficult to counter later. You could have one half of the face more marked than the other just for this reason. The good habit is to sleep supine or use a pillow that follows the line of the face without rubbing it. Some suggestions to counteract the formation of wrinkles can be found in this article.

Is smiling good or not?

The smile is good for the spirit even if those expression lines appear that look like dimples. Nice, if not that, with time they become permanent. There are several puppet folds, those that only thoughtful (and sad?) People manage to make themselves come. In any case, doing a lot of facial gymnastics and full of anti-wrinkle creams and serums rich in vitamins and hyaluronic acid is always the best way to smooth them out until you decide to use something more aggressive.

And stress?

Stress is the main enemy of our forehead: negative thinking accumulates everything there, between the eyebrows, creating deep fissures. In this case you can easily remedy: think positively to literally remove from your head everything that is not good for the spirit.

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