X Factor, the final: Emma is a bomb with her androgynous look

X Factor, the final: Emma is a bomb with her androgynous look

The singer agreed with fans on social media who appreciated the choice of her outfit

Emma Marrone literally captured the attention of the public during the final of X Factor 2020. The singer chose a white androgynous look that unleashed the fans on social media in one great chorus of appreciation.

Emma, ​​for the first time in her career, took on the role of judge at The X Factor and, since the Sky show started, she hasn't even got one look wrong. For the final, he staked everything on a jacket and shirt with a narrow collar and important buttons, and the audience on social media couldn't help but comment on the right choice of outfit.

She herself defined her debut in the show as "important", not ruling out a possible return if asked.

"X Factor was an incredible experience, I learned a lot of things. Working with these guys gave me new languages, new sounds "

The singer recently said about her talent experience.

The X Factor final this year was divided into three heats and in the first there were the "duets", in the second the "best of" and, in the last, the "workhorses".

Emma reached the final with the competing artist Blind, and for the duet together they proposed the song "La fine" by Tiziano Ferro and Nesli. Brown also performed solo with a special performance, interpreting the song "Latina", during which she proposed another look, consisting of a tight black skirt with double slit and a wide white and transparent shirt.

Emma has now grown up and in little more than a decade has trod the most important stages in Italy: from gritty and unripe competitor of Amici di Maria De Filippi to winner of the Sanremo Festival, now she has also conquered the X Factor arena, where she has once again shown that she feels fully at ease also as a coach, able to advise and accompany young talents towards success, just as someone else has been able to do with her in the past, knowing how to play with fashion and using it when appropriate, to enhance his personality.

Emma and Blind Final X Factor

Emma in the final at X Factor with Blind, photos from Instagram

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